A story about donkeys…

Una storia d’asini…                                                      please scroll down for english text

rodeo, cavalli, horses, speed

this is speed ! 2009

I cavalli sono animali meravigliosi. Veloci ed intelligenti. Secondo Leonardo il corpo di un cavallo rappresenta la perfezione.

Horses are beautiful animals. They are clever and quick. According to Leonardo da Vinci the body of an horse is the image of the perfection.

Io amo invece gli asini. Sono animali umili, gran lavoratori. L’asino viene usato da gente semplice. Una volta, nelle zone rurali avere un asino voleva dire essere ricchi. Non ricchezza ostentata, ma quella ricchezza che arriva dal proprio lavoro. Probabilmente in qualche parte del mondo anche oggi è così.

But I love donkeys. They are humble and work hard. Donkeys are used by simple people. Years ago in the rural areas who owned a donkey was “rich”. Not the exhibited richness, but the clean richness coming from the hard work (probably today is still like that in some place). 

Avendo scoperto recentemente di non essere il solo ad amare gli asini ho pensato di pubblicare questa raccolta di foto scattate un paio di anni fa ad un raduno  “asino day”

Having recently discovered that I’m not the only one who loves donkeys I decided to publish this small collection of photos taken a couple of years ago during the meeting “asino day” for not italian speaking friends asino = donkey.

donkey, asino

1 , 2009

donkeys on the hill - asini in collina

2, 2009

asino bianco - white donkey

3, 2009

asini donkeys

4, 2009

asini donkeys

5, 2009

asini donkeys

6, 2009

asini donkeys

7, 2009

our friend, the donkey - il nostro amico, l'asino - 2009

19 pensieri su “A story about donkeys…

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  2. Dear Robert,
    we love this series of photographs. We are fans of these subtle shades of grey and therefore of bw photography. And we like donkeys as well.
    Wishing you all the best
    The Fab Four of Cley

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  4. Der Point danke für deinen Kommentar. Ich hatte gedacht die Hand in dem letzen Foto weg zu schneiden aber so scheint mir mehr komisch. manchmal brauche ich ein wenig zu lächeln!

  5. Ach und das letzte finde ich auch gut ♥ Mag, dass es nirgends so richtig knackscharf ist. Nur die Hand hätte ich gerne nicht mehr im Bild gehabt. Oder noch mehr von ihr. Nur die Finger ist irgendwie etwas komisch.

    Der Point.

  6. I love donkeys, and as I said before I wanted to have a donkey in the home like a cat, when I was a little girl. When I visit to the mountain village, there is a family there, and they have donkeys in their farm. And I love to see them. But I also love horses too… Dear Robert, your photographs are so beautiful, especially number 2 fascinated me. But number 7 is amazing, I haven’t seen a donkey like cat… 🙂 You really did a nice post, Thank you, with my love, nia

  7. This is a lovely series of photographs. So much playing and fun. You capture the donkeys very nicely. I especially like the black and white approach with all its subtle and rich tones. The photographs somewhat reminds me of Mario Giacomelli – one of Italy’s great.

  8. Your photographs are wonderful. I should say as you write your posts in both Italian and English I feel my Scottishness encourages me to make a bit of an effort so, in respect of your photographs (and forgive me and correct me if this is wrong) I would say “belle imagine”. How did I do?

    I too love the simplicity of donkeys but I think they get a bit of bad press. Although from my experience they can be temperamental they are also be very affectionate, stubborn, complicated but kind of fun. We can allbe all of these things too. Horses are horses but donkey are …… characters. Thank you for this.



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