Km zero, the list

Km zero, la lista.                      Please scroll down for english text

Sto pensando come organizzare il mio progetto di fotografia a km  zero.  Vorrei qualche cosa di più che una raccolta di istantanee. Alec Soth è uno dei miei fotografi preferiti ed io ho impressa nella mente la foto del volante della sua auto con sopra un foglio di carta: la lista dei soggetti da fotografare per il suo lavoro Niagara. Potete vedere la foto in basso in questo articolo scritto da Jeff Severns Guntzel, articolo che contiene anche materiale interessante su questo fotografo. Ed allora ho iniziato a preparare la mia lista. Devo pur imparare qualche cosa dai fotografi che ammiro !

I’m actually thinking how to organize my project photography at km 0. I would like to make something more than just a collection of snapshots. Alec Soth is among my preferred photographers and I always have in my mind the picture of the steering wheel of his car with taped on it the list of the subjects he desired to photograph for his project Niagara. You can see the photo scrolling down  here, where there is a lot of good material about this photographer, written by Jeff Severns Guntzel.  Thinking about this I’m  preparing my own list. I try to learn something from the photographers whom I admire!

Gru è una delle parole nella mia lista: ho già espresso la mia preoccupazione per il troppo costruire in questo articolo. Domenica era una giornata con una luce interessante, variabile, Simo (mia moglie) voleva stare tranquilla a curarsi i postumi di un’influenza ed io ne ho approfittato per una passeggiata. Ho avuto modo di scattare qualche foto. Potete cliccare sull’immagine per ingrandirla.

Cranes are at the top of my list, as I already explained here I’m worried because of over building in my town. Last sunday the light was beautiful, Simo (my wife) was quiet at home and I went for my daily walk, during which I took some pictures. You can click on the photo to enlarge.

when this building will be finished I'll be no more able to see the Alps from my window, nov 2011

Ma la luce era troppo bella e ne ho approfittato per scattare una foto ad un’altro dei miei soggetti: i camioncini ! But the light was very good and I took the opportunity for a picture of another of my preferred subjects: small trucks.

gas, nov 2011

Sulla mia lista ci sono anche gli incroci, le intersezioni e le rotatorie . On my list are also crossroads and  intersection.

nov 2011, intersection with a textile machine

Io non so perchè ma ogni volta che passo vicino a questi due alberi devo fotografarli! I don’t know why, but ech time I walk near these two trees I have to take a photo! 

my beloved trees, with a crane. nov 2011

Questo è  l’inizio di un progetto che credo passo dopo passo crescerà. Ora devo proseguire a preparare la mia lista. This is the beginning of  a project which, step after step  will grow up. Now I have to go back to my list to prepare. 

E forse non ci crederete, ma anche nella mia città possono esserci colori bellissimi!

Maybe you do not believe it, but even in my town colors can be great!

E a proposito di colori….And about colors…please enjoy!

6 pensieri su “Km zero, the list

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  2. WOW! What a wonderful post, full of so many beautiful things. It is so sad to have a taller building in front of your looking way that you were able to watch the sea or mountain views from your window… Why this happens always in big cities I can’t understand. Should be a law for this, no one can take my view from my window. I try to remember my Udine days, but where you walk I don’t know. There was a big park when I walk to the Esselunga street… I remember this. Once we went to this park during night bu our bikes… It was so beautiful under the moonlight to ride a bike in this big park… Thank you dear Robert, your projects and also your sharings with us, always make me excited, and I enjoy to follow your works. Blessing and Happiness, and Greetings to Piazza Udine 🙂 with my love, nia

  3. Hi Robert, just a quick note to compliment you on your blog – I’ve been following you for a few weeks now and I find your comments quite inspiring. Thank you, too, for introducing me to the work of Alec Soth; I had not heard of him before even though he seems to be an excellent photographer! About the donkeys – we have quite a lot of them here in Cyprus, because they are still used in the mountainous areas by farmers who plant their vines and fruit trees on the slopes which are not accessible by any vehicles. There is a donkey sanctuary where the donkeys go when they ‘retire’ from active service, so they can rest after many years of hard work…

    • Thanks zenon for your words, I’m glad to know you like this small blog. Alec Soth is not only an excellent photographer, mainly using a large format camera but also a very nice man. I had opportunity to meet him an year ago when he had an exhibition in Milan with very large prints and he personally took the visitors for a tour through it, giving a lot of explanations. Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit the donkey sanctuary in Cyprus…
      ciao, robert

    • Thanks Jacqueline for your comment, I’m living in a town of around 80.000 inhabitants where it is estimated there are between 3.000 and 4.000 new flats empty which are since years unsold. But in spite of this where there is a small are they are building again…


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