Project km zero: new thoughts and a few photos

Progetto km zero: qualche pensiero e qualche foto.  

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Di come è nato questo progetto ho già parlato qui e qui. Come ricerca personale volevo evitare di collezionare istantanee casuali e nelle ultime passeggiate fotografiche ho cercato di pensare alla lista di soggetti che mi interessano fra le quali ci sono le gru. Questo mi confonde un poco. In tempi difficili come questo con recessione economica e lo spettro della disoccupazione  dietro l’angolo le gru potrebbero essere viste come qualche cosa di positivo: si costruisce e si lavora, quindi ci sono posti di lavoro. Per qualche famiglia può essere importante.

I already spoke here and here about how this project borned. As a personal research I desire to avoid just a collection of snapshots.  During my last photographic walks I tried to think about my list of interesting things to be photographed. Among these are the cranes. But this is confusing me a little. In times like now with an economic recession not so far away and unemployment spectre around the corner the cranes could be seen as something positive. There are works in progress therefore there is need of manpower. For some families this could be very important. 

D’altra parte questo significa ulteriore consumo del suolo. Più cemento e meno zone verdi. Minor ricambio d’aria in città, più caldo in estate. E questo non va tanto bene. Il costruire continuamente ed ovunque diventa un problema a volte.

On the other side this means more ground consumption. More cement and less green areas. Less air circulation and more heat in summer. And this is not really good. Overbuilding is a problem, sometimes.

Nella mia città ci sono tante gru. La loro forma quando si staglia contro il cielo blu si presta a fotografie con un forte contenuto grafico. E allora diventano anche belle! Ma anche gli alberi si ergono nel cielo. Mi piace immaginare gli alberi come un collegamento fra la terra ed il cielo.

In my town there are many cranes. Their shape against a blue sky brings to strong graphic pictures. So they even become nice! But also the trees grow agains the sky. I like to think of trees as a connection between the earth and the sky.

E allora? Per ora fotografo, al momento della selezione penserò a come gestire queste immagini. Come sempre ogni commento è benvenuto, thanks.  So what? Now I just take the photos, later in the editing stage I’ll decide what to do with these images. As always any comment is welcome, grazie!

7 pensieri su “Project km zero: new thoughts and a few photos

  1. Grazie Oli and dhphotosite for your comments. In this time of the year the sun is low and there are good situation of light and shadows which help a lot. Walking leave you the time to discover many things, places and corners, but you know this! It reminds me of a lecture of a famous photographer who told us that the best accessory for a photographer is…a good pair of legs! Usually in winter the sky is not so clean…

  2. Hi Robert,
    the images are wonderfull, the text very difficult. Nature and human is not so easy but a good theme. The shadow Pic is my favorite!


  3. The picture with the yellow wall is really cool! And km zero is actually how I go about taking pictures anyway. How else would I have time to take a picture a day if I wouldn’t pick things that are just around the corner from where I am or where I’m going? It’s also a great way to explore the area where you live and get to know the neighbourhood a bit better. In the last few years I’ve moved often and I have to say that once I didn’t even bother checking what’s on top of the hill where I lived for about a year. My camera will prevent that from happening again. Dave Powell of ShootTokyo also works like that (his pictures are great by the way). The km zero is definitely under-appreciated …

    • Thank you Verena for your comment. Since long I take photos in my surroundings and your blog gave me the idea to make a project about, not just random snapshots. And also the work of Egglestone about simple normal places has inspired me, so you are in a good group of “inspirator”


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