The passion and the (Impossible) 365 project

 La passione ed un (Impossible) 365 progetto.     Please scroll down for english text.

Forte. Viscerale. Indomita. E’ la passione per la fotografia che anima molti fotografi. Nate Matos è uno di questi. Credo che per lui la fotografia sia molto più di una professione. Lo dimostra questo progetto da poco terminato per il quale lo scorso anno ha scattato ogni giorno una fotografia istantanea, con le pellicole di Impossible Project, società che sta mettendo molta energia per riempire il vuoto lasciato da Polaroid.  Oggi desidero condividere con voi questo video del suo lavoro. Guardatelo, c’è della poesia in questo piccolo audiovisivo! E non dimenticate di mettere in funzione gli altoparlanti…

Strong. Visceral. Indomitable. It is the passion for photography which inspires many photographers. Nate Matos is one of these. I believe for him photography is much more than a profession. This is demonstrated by this project he just finished, a project for which he shoot a photo a day with an instant development film by the Impossible Project company which is making a big effort to fill the void left by Polaroid.Today I desire to share with you this video from his work. Please enjoy it, there is poetry in this audiovisual work. And please do not forget to turn your loudspeaker on…

14 thoughts on “The passion and the (Impossible) 365 project

  1. Robert,

    In effect, your video is a simple slideshow of your Polaroids. In execution, though, it’s brilliant. Using your hand to present each image to us makes your presentation personal and playful. I learned about your site through Nia.


    • John, thank you for this comment but please note that (unfortunately) these are NOT MY polaroids but the author is Nate Matos, a photographer based in Portland, Oregon! You can see more of his work on his web site:
      Personally I like polaroids as well and what I like here beside the photos is the idea to include the hand holding the photos.
      Thanks for taking time to comment, robert
      PS: grazie Nia 🙂

  2. Your entry made me so curious and then I discovered I could not watch the video 😦
    This is because it contains some kind of copyrighted video so that I am not allowed to watch it here in Germany.
    But I’m sure it’s impressive!
    You know, I own a polaroid camera and two Impossible films now. I hope I will do some great shots with them ♥

    Der Point.

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