Christmas time is over at km zero.

Tempo di Natale finito al km zero.          Please scroll down for english text.

Natale è alle spalle, ma qualche piccolo segno è ancora visibile durante le mie passeggiate. Questo mi lascia un senso di malinconia…

Christmas time is over, but still a few traces are visible during my daily walk. This leave me a little melancholic…

christmas, santa

A lonely Santa... jan. 2012

12 pensieri su “Christmas time is over at km zero.

  1. Hi,
    Santa does look lonely there all by himself with just a bit of tinsel. There are only a couple of places I have seen that still have a few decorations left up, I actually wondered if they forgot they were there. 🙂
    Thank You for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks munchow for your comment. The red and white cone gave me some…trouble when I was editing ( I have two other slightly different shots of the same scene) I was not sure about it. First I found it “disturbing” but than I realized the color to be the same of the poor santa and being the cone placed in a dark area it gives some movement therefore I decided it was ok. At the end it must be a “disturbing” photo, otherwise it would be just boring…grazie, ciao

  3. It is indeed a sad and lonely santa. Hope he will survive another year in waiting… It might sound strange, but I like the little glimpse of a cone to the right that almost reflects the santa.

  4. Ciao Robert – here is a photograph which I took last January, when I had the same comment:
    Latsia 11 January
    Have a great year! Zenon

  5. Santa will be alone all year then the end of 2012 we will remember him again 🙂 Thank you dear Robert, I hope you had a nice time during Christmas Holiday. Probably you walked where I knew… around my home in Piazza Udine… I usually walked to Esselunga Market… I miss, so much my Italy days… Have a nice and enjoyable day,
    With my love, nia


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