Today a small experiment

Oggi un piccolo esperimento           please scroll down for english text

8299 sono i passi segnati dal pedometro oggi, fra 7 e 8 km, circa 350 Kcal  Kcal bruciate e tante fotografie scattate. Non male coniugare salute e passione.  Oggi però propongo un piccolo esperimento un’immagine sulla quale sono intervenuto in postproduzione per ottenerne una versione particolare. Infatti sto valutando se fra il materiale che sto raccogliendo ci sia qualche cosa che si presti ad una serie “sperimentale” in modo da spezzare il ritmo del lavoro finale. Per ora è una piccola ricerca personale a metà fra il gioco e…il lavoro serio! Commenti sono come sempre graditi. Grazie e ciao.

8299 are the steps counted on my pedometer today. More or less between 7 and 8 km,  around 350 Kcal burned and many photographs shots. It’s not bad to put together health and passion. But my proposal today is a small experiment. It is an image on which I worked in post production to obtain something different. Actually I’m evaluating if among the material I’m preparing there is the possibility for a small “experimental” series in order to break to rhythm of the general work. By now it’s only a small personal research between playing and working seriously! As always your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks and ciao.

experiment N ° 1 busto arsizio, 2011

11 pensieri su “Today a small experiment

  1. This is a very interesting image. Definitely experimental. I love the puple colours and the soft touch of the image. What really makes the picture for me is the off set frames within the frame. You captured and processed a great picture.

  2. Roberto–I don’t know much about photography, but I know what I like, and I find that image captivating in a very strategic way. Does that make sense?? Keep experimenting!

  3. Hi,
    I love walking but I don’t have a pedometer, even though we are in our summer here in Australia, which is usually very hot, this morning was beautiful walking weather, a nice breeze, which was cool for a change.

    The photo is very intriguing, I like it, a bit different than the norm.

    • Thanks, never been in Australia! I guess it must be beautiful to walk there!
      PS: for a good walk you do not need a pedometer, mine was a present, but you need a pair of good shoes 🙂


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