21 thoughts on “winter 4/4

  1. Hallo Robert,
    horizont in der Mitte und Baum in der Mitte, alles was man nicht machen soll, aber genau so sieht es sehr gut aus, perfekt. Eine interessante Stimmung, mich erinnert es an ein Kreuz, zusammen mit dem Wetter und der der Stimmung ein wenig geheimnisvoll.

    Die feinen Zeichnungen im Schnee, den Wolken und in dem Bäumen am Horizont finde ich spitze, richtiges “fine art”! TOP


  2. It’s a beautiful picture. A very simple capture but so full of heart and emotions. There is a certain postmodern quality to the picture, that I like. Like low contrast and the tree positioned in the middle of the frame. It all works so well together. I feel somewhat sad or lonely when I look at the picture. Well done!

    • Thank you Otto for your words. There is an amount of sadness in this image, maybe I was influenced by the fact that in the last few days more than 40 people died because of snow and extreme low temperature in our country. At the end what happens has an influence on what we do, even if we do not realize it at the moment.
      PS: a friend of mine just phoned me and said the the tree in foreground makes a cross with the line of the trees in background…

  3. Che bella ! La composizione è stupenda, bordata e suddivisa in 4 quadranti dal tronco e dall’orizzonte scuri… Il titolo suggerisce inoltre lo stretto rapporto tra questa armonia visiva e l’analogo musicale. Ottima !

    • Grazie Claudio, mi fa piacere la tua osservazione musicale. Come già detto io non so suonare ma amo la musica. Non era mia intenzione legare il titolo all’armonia musicale, pensavo più alla divisione visiva. Ma se la musica l’abbiamo dentro, prima o poi esce! Grazie per avermelo fatto notare.


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