A busy day.

Tanto lavoro oggi.          please scroll down for english text, thanks. 

Tanto lavoro oggi. Selezionate e stampate, su carta pregiata  alcune foto del mio progetto sul migrante. Poi ritagliate tutte a misura. Perchè? Per un’occasione speciale, ma di questo parleremo un’altra volta. Un po’ di suspense…ciao 🙂



It was a busy day today. Selected and printed some of the photos from my “migrant project”. Than I cut all the exact size I needed. Why? This is for a special opportunity, but I’ll let you know this another time. A little…suspense…ciao 🙂



Non è rimasto molto tempo per il blog!

Not much time for blogging left !

12 pensieri su “A busy day.

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  3. It’s tideous work, my friend, but also fun to see it all come true, no? Judging by the first photo on this post it looks like it’s going to be a great show. Good luck with all the work and the exhibit.

    • Thanks Otto. It was not so bad, files (from scans) were already prepared. I only had to make some test on various paper because I was not so sure which one to use, I ended with the most valuable. What was more difficult and tedious was to trim the pictures in the exact required size being sure to keep the photo exactly centered!

  4. Hi Robert,
    wann bekommen wir die Bilder auch zu sehen. Sehen so in klein schon sehr interessant aus, ist aber nicht leicht was darauf zu erkennen?

  5. Ah now let me guess. Based on the quality of the photographs you have shared on your blog and the little hint of excitement in this post could there be an opportunity to exhibit your work? If this is not the surprise then it should be. Your photographs are wonderful. Don’t keep us guessing too long.


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