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L’idea di oggi era di postare alcune foto allegre. Ma le notizie da Brindisi, il terremoto che ha colpito violentemente causando vittime mi hanno rattristato. Non si può mettere una bomba davanti ad una scuola. E non si può morire durante il lavoro nel turno di notte. Penso alle vittime e alle loro famiglie. E allora ho scelto uno scatto dall’archivio, una scansione fatta in bassa risoluzione non perfetta. Per un provino. Ma mi sembra adatta per una giornata con tanto dolore. E per una preghiera.

My idea for today was to post a few joyful photos. But what just happened in my country changed my mood. A violent earthquake hit the central area of Italy  in the night. Until now seven people died. Among them a few workers. They were on the night shift. The building fell down. And yesterday a girl was killed by an home made bomb placed at the entrance of the school. A timer was set exactly at the time when students were arriving. The killer really wanted to kill. She was 16. Other girls are seriously injured. It is not possible to die in these ways. I’m thinking of the victims and their families. Therefore I choiced a different photo from my file. It is not a perfect photo, it is just a low resolution scan. I did not work on it. But I think it is ok for a day so full of sadness and pain. And for a prayer.

10 pensieri su “Sadness

  1. Hallo Robert,
    ich war das Wochenende nicht zu Hause und habe keine nachrichten gehört. Nur gestern Abend auf die Schnelle, es ist schrecklich so etwas zu hören wenn man von einem schönen Wochenende nach hause kommt. Das Bild ist sehr passend!

  2. Thank you for your sadness and your prayers. I think your picture is perfect for this day. This is such shocking news and very hard to understand. Earthquakes are one thing, but a bomb at a school is horrific.

  3. It is sad news and cannot understand why anyone would plant a bomb where children would be…

    My heart goes out to their freinds and families.

  4. These are all so sad news dear Robert, when I heard I felt so sad… I pray for her, and also who dies in this earthquake, my heart with their lovers and families… Love, nia

  5. Sono così triste (I do try but I don’t know if this is correct in Italian – but I felt so sad as I watched the news and I thought of you and your family). I’m sending my prayers – such sadness has no words for me. Your image is beautiful and important – I lit a candle this morning for the people impacted by this earthquake.


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