Photographs from my holiday, part 1.

Foto dalle vacanze: parte prima.    Please scroll down for english text, thanks.

Delle mie foto con la pellicola ne ho parlato abbastanza prima, durante e dopo la vacanza. E’ venuto il momento di vederne qualcuna, cliché o non cliché! About my photographs film based I spoke enough before, during and after the holiday. Now it is time to see a few ones, cliché or not!

Ma vi avevo detto che amo i dittici? Si, ve lo avevo detto qui. E allora ho scelto le foto che mi sembravano più interessanti e sempre perchè mi piace che le foto si parlino fra di loro ho assemblato un paio di dittici.

austrian diptych 8-13

austrian diptych 8-13

But did I tell you I love diptychs? Yes, I did here. Then I selected the photos I evaluated more interesting and I assembled a couple of diptychs, always because I like that the pictures speak each others. 

austrian diptych 17-06

austrian diptych 17-06

Assemblare un dittico è un’operazione interessante: occorre decidere quale foto scegliere e pensare a come funzionerà, per esempio se il dittico ci comunica qualche cosa di diverso dalle singole foto e se questo sia sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda del nostro pensiero. Secondo me vedere un dittico produce sempre un piccolo sbilanciamento e questo ha un effetto positivo sulla nostra percezione. Ma forse è solo una mia idea.

To prepare a diptych is an interesting experience: you must select the images to combine and think how it will work, like will the two pictures together say something different than the single pictures and in this case will it be on the same wavelength of our thinking? In my opinion looking at a diptych produce a lack of balance and this has a positive effect on our perception.

Inoltre è anche importante non solo quali foto accostare ma anche in che ordine. Per esempio “austrian diptych 17-06” funziona in modo diverso di “austrian diptych 06-17”

Moreover it is important not only which photos have to be coupled but also in which order. In my opinion “austrian diptych 17-06” works in a different way than “austrian diptych 06-17” .

austrian diptych 06-17

austrian diptych 06-17 (this is a test)

Concludo con un suggerimento: provate a fare dei dittici scegliendo fra le fotografie che avete a disposizione. Basta prendere due foto e incollarle sullo stesso cartoncino. Non solo è interessante, ma è anche divertente.

I finish with a suggestion: try to make diptychs using the photographs you have available.  It is enough to choice two pictures and place them on the same cardboard. It’s not only interesting but amusing as well.

Vi ricordo che potete cliccare sulle foto per ingrandirle.

I remind you that you can click on the photo to enlarge them.

Commenti ed idee su questo argomento sono sempre benvenuti, non esitate per favore. Per gli amanti delle foto singole l’appuntamento è per il prossimo post 🙂

Comments and ideas about this topic are always welcome, please do not hesitate. For the lovers of single images the date is for next time 🙂

13 thoughts on “Photographs from my holiday, part 1.

  1. when watching World soccer being played in South Africa I paired photos I took watching TV and paired them with what was going on outside the stadium. I used recent photos from a safari I took in Botswana.They are probably used Africa in my blog . Otto , I found him too . What a great blog he has. I’m enjoying yours, too.

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  3. I love diptychs (and triptychs) and the ones you show here are very good examples of how the sum can be greater than each of the parts. And you are very right, the order does have a big impact. Like the example here, I really think the austrian diptych 06-17 has a stronger graphical impact than austrian diptych 17-06. I am immediately drawn to the white building to the left, and then my eyes after a while moves to the right and the darker picture – in a natural reading order. The highlight in the water of the second pictures makes the transition smoother. Of course this is only my opinion, and it seems like you prefer it the other way around (since you call austrian diptych 06-17 a test). Would be interesting to hear how you see the comparison. Anyway I really like the contrast between the geometric shapes in the one picture and the more organic elements in the other. Great work.

    • Thanks Otto for your comment. You made a good and interesting visual analysis. Which is correct. And you are right, I prefer the austrian diptych 17-06 probably for the same reason you prefer the opposite version.
      In both photographs I like the contraposition between something natural and something human made, artificial. The lake and the swimming pool. The lonely tree and the building. It seems me that reading from left to right if we first see the swimming pool and the water the impact is softer than being soon confronted with the concrete building. Another interesting point is that the swimming pool (artificial construction) is a relaxing place and the building (which I know is a school closed for summer holiday) is a working and studying place.
      But these are just my impressions and I think one of the nicest in photography (and in blogging as well) is that we can react in front of the same photo in different way!
      Grazie e ciao, robert

  4. Nei dittici le forme comunicano tra loro e a livello percettivo queste “nuove” forme ti possono risultare piacevoli o meno. Personalmente ho trovato molto piacevole il secondo dittico, molto interessante la foto del primo dittico con la linea trasversale ma la combinazione tra le due foto mi lascia perplessa.
    ciao Anna

  5. Non mi ero mai accorta di quanto possono essere diversi i distici a seconda di come si dispongono le immagini! In questo caso, secondo la mia percezione, c’è una grande diversità tra austrian diptych 17-06 e austrian diptych 06-17. Personalmente, preferisco il primo.


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