Nachtlied op. 108, my diptych

Nachtlied op.108, il mio dittico.   Please scroll down for english text, thanks.

Questa sera, seduto davanti al monitor ho acceso le mie casse ed ho ascoltato in streaming su Radio3 in diretta dal Parco della Musica in Roma il “Canto Notturno per coro ed orchestra” op. 108 di Robert Schumann,   con l’ Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia diretta da Claudio Pappano. 

Tonight, sitting in front of my monitor I switched on my loudspeakers in order to listen in streaming from Radio3 the “Nachtlied op.108” (Night Song) for chorus and orchestra, by Robert Schumann with the Orchester of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and conductor Antonio Pappano. 

E allora, ispirato da questa emozionante esecuzione ho scelto un paio di immagini scattate la settimana scorsa ed ho assemblato questo dittico. Si, il mio entusiasmo per i dittici non si è ancora spento!

Then, inspired by this event full of emotion I went through the pictures I shot last week and decided to assemble this diptych. Yes, my interest in diptychs has not yet gone! 

Nachtlied, op.108, diptych – rkr©2012

9 pensieri su “Nachtlied op. 108, my diptych

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  2. There is nothing quite like music to amp up the inspiration, is there? This diptych is so integrated that it almost looks like one picture. I love the colours, the blurriness and the movements. It makes the image into a profound, almost religious statement. Wonderful!

    • Yes, when I shot both photo I did not know what to do with them but I like the light (or the shadows) in these moments. Listening to the music gave me the idea of the diptych. Probably I should develop a body of work based on images “inspired” by the music, I’ll think about. Grazie, ciao


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