2013, january 27th, Day of Memory

giornata delle memoria 201327 gennaio 2013, Giornata della Memoria.

Semplicemente: mai più.

Simply: never again.

I Nomadi,  “La canzone del bambino nel vento” con Guccini, e sotto la versione con sottotitoli in inglese per gli amici che non parlano italiano.

I Nomadi,  “The song of the child in the wind” with Francesco Guccini and below a version with english subtitles for the friends who do not speak italian.

2 thoughts on “2013, january 27th, Day of Memory

  1. A moving tribute, Robert! I’m seeing today’s posts have a lot of sadness in them, all round WordPress! Of course, my own family was tainted with the holocaust and despite my not having experienced it personally, I experience it as an inherited memory which causes much pain as, today, things seem to be little different in many parts of the world, as if they have learned nothing from this episode. Now, China under Mao Tse-tung lost many more millions, around 20million I think, during his reign. And, they seem to have learned nothing either!


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