Red. And it’ s hot,too much for my taste!

Rosso. E’ caldo, troppo per i miei gusti!

Devo chiedere scusa: avevo promesso un racconto su Arles e non lo ho scritto. Scusate. E’ troppo caldo e non mi piace passare troppo tempo davanti ad un computer. Appena la temperatura si abbasserà prometto che scriverò. Abbiate pazienza, per favore.  Ora per i vostri occhi un paio di foto da Arles, una datata 2011 e una di quest’anno. A presto.

Arles, 2011

Arles, 2011    foto rkr©2013

I must ask forgiveness: I promized to write about our Arles experience and I didn’t. Sorry. It’s too hot here and I do not like to spend too much time in front of a monitor. As soon as we’ll have a lower temperature I’ll write it. Be patient, please. Now, for your eyes a couple of pictures from Arles, one dated 2011 and the other from this year. See you soon.

Arles, 2013

Arles, 2013   foto rkr©2013

Vi dirò la verità: un fotografo dovrebbe essere un buon osservatore. Questa volta non lo sono stato: il mio occhio è stato attirato dai due scheletri. La piccola lattina rossa l’ho scoperta solo guardando la foto sul monitor del computer!

I’ll tell you the truth: a photographer should be a good observer. This time I wasn’t: my eye was captured by the two skeletons. The small red can I saw only later, back home looking at the image on the monitor of my mac!


10 pensieri su “Red. And it’ s hot,too much for my taste!

  1. I have always wanted to go to Arles, but haven’ manage yet (but I have been to Perpignan a couple of times). I am sure you had a great time and I look forward to reading more about your experience. The photos here look great, telling small stories about the photographic encounter in Arles. As for the Coke can, I think you can look at it in two ways: It’s an unwanted element in an otherwise clean image about modern art set in ancient surroundings or one can see it as an element adding contrast to this setting.

  2. If you had noticed the red can before taking the shot would you have moved it out of the way? I think it is rather sweet, sitting there in that part of your frame!


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