Prague Project: the exhibition

Progetto Praga: la mostra.  

Chi segue da un po’ di tempo questo blog sa che circa un anno fa Simo ed io abbiamo per la prima volta nella nostra vita iniziato un lavoro fotografico insieme a Praga. Chi non avesse ancora letto gli articoli precedenti  li può trovare, insieme ad alcune foto qui oppure cliccando “project prague” nella barra laterale. A noi piace camminare lentamente, fare le cose in fretta non è nel nostro (mio ?)  DNA ! Trovare il modo di combinare due visioni diverse non è stato facile ma è diventata un’esperienza molto interessante. Ora siamo contenti di dire che questo darà vita ad una mostra fotografica nel mese di ottobre.

Who follows this blog since a longer time already knows that  Simo and me about one year ago started for the first time in our lives a photographic project together, the so called    “Prague Project”. If you have not (yet?) read about it you can find the related posts and photographs here or just click on the lateral side under the label “project Prague”  We like to walk slowly, working in a hurry is not in our (my ?) DNA ! Now we are happy to announce that this project will give life to a photo exhibition in the month of october.

volantino praga

click to enlarge, please – cliccare per ingrandire, grazie

We are in Prague. The famous coffeehouses frequented by Kafka, the taverns visited by the writer Jarodlav Hasek, the breweries, the cabarets. All these places in the past have seen a crowd of people, a few conspiring against the regime, in the meanwhile agents of secret police and spies were studying each others. It’s a part of the old game of the history. But there have been as well  people simply  drinking a Pilsen following the idea “Io della capra, lui della rapa” which I try to translate in “I about the goat, he about the turnip” and means that important was just to chat, about anything, about nothing special, nothing specific. Just chatting. Prague, a city rich of humanity and mysteries, with a polished architecture and rough alleys and the feeling of a unique special place.

5 pensieri su “Prague Project: the exhibition

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  2. sounds so nice and enjoyable… Prague is a wonderful city, many years ago when I was a young lady I traveled with my dad… I remember now. But of course in times changed so many things… at least their regime. Thank you dear Robert, have a nice and enjoyable time there. Love, nia


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