Pinholes: my beginnings, 2

Stenopeiche, il mio inizio, 2

Come è iniziata questa storia l’ho scritto qui. Ora qualche altra foto.

How did this story begin I wrote here. Now some more photos.

como-steno-1-2 Deserted tennis courts. They are really there. We never know why are they deserted. We look at, and more we look at them more they seem to be deserted. Deserted of themselves, deserted. This thing stops here.

como-steno-3-2Everything collapsed. We only treausured the chaos of the nature, its madness.

como-steno-2-2The sea.  It took everything.  He broke the marble forest.

But the sea is also a guardian. Christ is also a guardian.

And yes, it’s also a guardian, he’s in the wrong the sea.

It walks with the time, as if it could be possible.

7 pensieri su “Pinholes: my beginnings, 2

  1. Those pinholes speak directly to me. There is something about the way the render the subject. All the beautiful soft tones. And then you words makes my thoughts go in all kinds of different directions. It’s a compilations of poems in words and photos.


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