Ciao Robin

Ciao Robin                  please scroll down for english text, thanks

In questi giorni di blog lento pensavo di scrivere un articolo sul cinema, mia grande passione. E allora avevo scattato questa foto. Purtroppo mentre mi facevo la barba questa mattina ho ascoltato la notizia della morte di Robin Williams.

In this days of slow blogging I was thinking to write a post about the movies I like. Therefore I shot this photo. Unfortunately this morning, when I was shaving the radio gave me the news that Robin Williams was found dead.

Ciao Robin, ciao Mio Capitano. Ciao Robin, ciao My Captain.


6 thoughts on “Ciao Robin

  1. a simple great image. wonderful thinking. Robin will be missed. Everywhere i walked people talked
    about his death. The sad part, with all that, he was alone when it happened..The wives who wiped him out financially, who never cared for Robin, the lawyers, his entourage, were all part of his death…In an interview after playing for Canadian troops in Kandahar, Robin did such an impersenation of the Canadian PM of the time, Crettin..i know wrong spelling..
    Love your image!

  2. That photo is incredible It captures what many of us are feeling about Robin–that the screen is blank. I am so sad at this loss for the world but hoping that he is in a better place.

  3. Yes, Robert, he certainly gave cinema wonderful moments. Even more than in the “Dead Poets Society” I found him truly exceptional in “Good Morning Vietnam” – I’ll never forget his voice when he greets all the G.I.s at the beginning of his broadcasts.


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