I went into a (small) forest and…

Sono andato in un (piccolo) bosco e…                english text? scroll down, please 🙂

Qualche giorno fa, prima delle grandi piogge  ho fatto una passeggiata in un piccolo  parco non lontano da casa. Per fare un poco di movimento, tenermi in forma, respirare aria un poco più pulita del solito. Non intendevo fare fotografie (anche perché gli alberi mi riescono quasi sempre male) pertanto avevo lasciato le mie macchine fotografiche a casa,  in mano tenevo solamente i bastoncini da nordic walking.

A few days ago, before the heavy rains I went for a walk in a small forest in a park not far from home. Just to move a little bit, to keep my body working and breath some fresh air. I had not planned to make photographs and I had left my cameras on their shelves. In my hands just nordic walking sticks.

Molti fotografi amano parlare delle loro attrezzature: questa marca è meglio di quell’altra perché….bla…bla…bla… Many photographers love to discuss about their gear, this brand is better that that one because …bla…bla…bla…

Ma un altro  detto comune dice che la miglior macchina fotografica è quella che hai con te quando ti serve.  But another saying says that the best camera is the one you have with yourself when you need it.

E allora quando ero nel bosco e ho visto certe luci fra gli alberi ho pensato che grazie alla tecnologia odierna una fotocamera l’avevo con me: quella del mio cellulare. Quella era la miglior macchina fotografica in quel momento!

Than when I was in the wood and saw certain lights I thought that thanks to today’s technology I had a camera with me: the one of my mobile phone. That was the best camera in that moment!

Come (quasi) sempre suggerisco di cliccare sulle immagini per una visione migliore, commenti e critiche sono benvenuti. Grazie 🙂

As (almost) always I suggest to click the images for a better view, comments and critics are welcome. Thanks.

18 pensieri su “I went into a (small) forest and…

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  2. If you hadn’t mentioned taking these stunning shots with your phone, would we be able to say what camera you used? I know I wouldn’t know and with your keen eye, who cares!

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  4. Well, on the one hand I agree with you about just needing a camera, regardless of which one you pick for you to capture the moment you want. The eye behind the camera is the best and most important camera you’ll get! You can appreciate that in your own beautiful results above. On the other hand I don’t get that photography feeling with a mobile phone. Here are my limits, but this is a personal thing and for that reason most of the time I carry some analog camera with me, the one I feel comfortable with at that given moment. Maybe, that’s because I need a kind of relationship to that piece of metal or because I think every camera has its own fascinating character. I get a great opportunity of capturing the motif in different lights without lots of post processing through those specific traits.

    • Thanks Anette for your comment. I fully understand your point and sometimes I feel in the same position. Making photographs with a solid metal made real camera is a different experience than just snapping a few pictures with a mobile phone. But there are times that you see something, I prefer to say you feel something and suddenly comes the desire to catch that moment, that emotion. And the only available tool is the mobil phone. I like both experience, in one is the road, the journey I appreciate in the other is the final result .
      Not sure if it is by chance or not that I just put a film in my old small Rollei 35 which I can have in a pocket of my coat almost all the time 🙂

  5. I have always believed like you, the best camera is the one you have at hand. And if you don’t have one – shame on you… These days at least most photographers and non-photographers alike always have their cell phone available. And as you so well demonstrate here, the quality is more than good enough as long as the photographer is good.Great images, Robert.

    • E’ vero, io prediligo una fotografia lenta, con le macchine “vere” e quando possibile addirittura con la pellicola ma le possibilità offerte dall’avere sempre (quasi) con se uno smartphone sono proprio interessanti. Siamo fortunati!


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