Being flexible

Essere flessibili                                  Please scroll down for english text, thanks

Nell’ultimo articolo ho spiegato come il mio nuovo progetto, o esercizio per ora sia incentrato sulla ricerca di una non perfezione ottenuta in macchina. E’ una mia ricerca che segue una sua regola.


In my last post I explained about my new project, or exercise at this stage is based on the research of a kind of no-perfection obtained in camera . It’s a research I’m doing following a rule.


Ma anche se gli amici mi chiamano filmosauro (non sempre!) so apprezzare i benefici delle tecnologie digitali applicati alla fotografia. E se vedo qualche cosa di interessante so anche adoperare l’ e qualche filtro, così per prendere appunti visivi.


But even if my friends call me filmosaur (not always) I can appreciate the benefits of digital technologies when are applied to photography. And if I see anything interesting I even use my and some filters, so just to take visual notes. 


E a volte prendo appunti anche solo con un blocco e qualche matita. Hmmm, in questo sono proprio un principiante, devo lavorarci ancora tanto…

And sometimes I take note only with a paper block and a few pencils. Hmmm, here I am absolute beginner, I still have to work on this… 


Gli appunti sono utili come promemoria per nuovi progetti, per test visivi, o semplicemente per ricordare un bellissimo oggetto trovato per caso, come questo vecchio pianoforte in un bar di Vicenza, oggi.

My notes are useful as memos for new projects, as visual test or simply to remember something beautiful, like this old piano I found by chance today in a coffee-bar in Vicenza.


Tutte queste foto scattate con l’ si, sono flessibile 🙂

All these photos were taken with my yes, I am flexible 🙂

E voi come vi sentite nelle vostre scelte: rigidi o flessibili?

And how do you feel when you have to make a choice: are you rigid or flexible?

12 pensieri su “Being flexible

  1. I like to think of myself as flexible, but I am not always sure. I admire your approach to photography and taking your time to explore either with cell phone, film or by notes. I wish I had more patience for film, because I really love the expression it creates.

  2. I’m really trying to be flexible – perhaps that is one of the reasons why in December I picked up charcoal and began drawing with it. Helped me tremendously in getting more loose – but I have a ways to go as I see myself falling back on being too rigid (in more ways than just art). Great post.

  3. i am totally flexible but…
    so many years of Photography,
    i do things in a consistent manner..
    so i am really not sure..
    objective or subjective???
    Love your square images.Yes, i have done portrait sketches,
    when i was doing a bar portraits and ran out of film..
    i should do more!
    You keep doing what you are doing.
    your pix are good. jason


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