A special place, reloaded

Un posto speciale. Reloaded

Too hot to stay in front of a computer, troppo caldo per stare di fronte a un computer. E allora riposto un articolo a bassa temperatura. So I repost a lower temperature article, feb 2013. Aspettando ottobre, waiting for october 🙂

the quiet photographer

Un posto speciale                                 please scroll down for english text, thanks

Arriva un momento in cui sei stanco. Ti sembra di non capire nulla, ma in realtà sai che, purtroppo capisci tante cose e bene. muerren_2013-002E allora desideri partire, a piedi, in auto, in treno  o in barca non importa, l’importante è andare via (almeno qualche giorno).

It comes a point when you feel tired. It seems you do not understand anything, but you know, sadly that you understand, and you understand a lot. Than you desire to leave, on foot, by car or train or boat it does not matter, important is to leave (at least for a few days).

Scegli una strada con poco traffico e vai, ascolti musica dalla radio, e cominci a gustare un paesaggio diverso. muerren_2013-011Una pausa per il caffè…

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4 thoughts on “A special place, reloaded

  1. i love Summer.
    I love Winter.
    all the seasons are precious as are the rushing days.
    Your photos are of great binters are severe long and this past one, severely cold..
    many days well below zero, Minus 25C without windchill..
    I was born and lived 40 years in a temperate climate..
    I have adapted well.
    I love the low Winter light.
    Curious what you used this trip..
    all the best and Thank you for wonderful images.

  2. Thank you Robert for lovely thoughts back to cooler times! Yes, it is too hot to be at the computer for long – summer always seems to send me into hibernation. Keep well, keep cool.


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