In the forest, a small one

Nel bosco, un piccolo bosco

in the wood       photo rkr©2015

in the wood                                                                                               photo rkr©2015

Nessuno  come  Faulkner sa descrivere il caldo dell’estate. A casa, domenica pomeriggio, 35°C in città sudare e sognare una passeggiata in un bosco con gli amici…

Nobody as Faulkner is able to describe the heat of a summer. Home, sunday afternoon, 35°C in town,  sweating and dreaming a walk in a forest with my friends…

15 pensieri su “In the forest, a small one

    • Walking into a forest, even if a small one it is always a source of inspiration, the silence, and the energy from the trees are a good “engine” for my fantasies…and I try to translates this into a photograph, sometimes I’m lucky and it works 🙂

    • Thanks Otto for your comments, I’m sure you know it: walking, hiking in the wood gives a great satisfaction when you reach your goal but it can be tiring!
      Interpretations of my photos: yes, I like each one can read his story in the photo, let say I like my photo to be a starting point for the viewer. Depending on personal experiences, knowledges, ideas each one can see something else.
      Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don’t 🙂

  1. sounds great but here in Canada, Toronto, mosquitos like you cannot believe..
    pour anti-bug on! still get bitten..
    i prefer walks in cold!
    enjoyed the photo..

  2. I feel the tiredness of the backpacker in the foreground. The blur certainly expounds ‘heat’…hope they managed to reach some cool, clear water, somewhere.


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