Beach, wind and light

Spiaggia, vento e luce

Non amo il caldo e allora penso a questa spiaggia dove sono stato in marzo. La luce, il vento ed il silenzio erano favolosi…

I do not love the heat therefore I think of this beach where I was last march. Light, wind and silence where fabulous…

ahrenshoop, north germany                                                                foto rkr©2017

In genere preferisco le mete un poo’ più freddo rispetto a dove vivo, e voi?

Generally I prefer destinations a little bit colder than where I live, how about you?

As usual comments and suggestions are welcome! Come sempre commenti benvenuti!


22 pensieri su “Beach, wind and light

  1. Ahrenshoop is less than 50km away from where I grew up and now live again. I know that it is also home of an artist community but I haven’t been there yet. I don’t drive myself so it’s a bit difficult to get there. The beaches of the Baltic Sea in this part of Germany are always so very pretty in winter, the water clear like a crystal. And in contrary to summer, you can often find yourself completely alone there, the silence only disturbed by the sound of the waves and the wind.

  2. Robert,
    I generally like to travel to anywhere different than home. And so, that ends up being, a warmer place in the winter or fall or a cooler spot in the spring/summer.
    My home is the north eastern part of the US, so our winters are cold and snowy and the rest of the year is relatively cool.

    That said, this photo you have shared reminds me of the coast that is closest to me–Maine or Canada’s Atlantic coast. I have very fond memories of the beaches there in November. Cool, blustery, and overcast.

    And a little bit challenging.

    Thank you for sharing this!


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