Easter, 2018

Pasqua, 2018

Un augurio con un sorriso, una preghiera, un poco di relax…

Buona Pasqua, con tanta pace e gioia

A wish, a prayer, a little bit of relax…

Have a Nice, Peaceful  and Happy Easter


6 pensieri su “Easter, 2018

  1. Robert, the photo inside the church is peaceful, reverentcand teassurung. Beautiful composition with the gorgeous light that holds a message for all tocsee. You captured not only a moment, but the essence of faith and hope over the millennia in a single image.

    Well done by you. Thanks!

  2. Ah, yes, Robert,

    Those are the coolest sheep ever. Lol, I really like that.

    You inspire me, I think I will find something to share with our next holiday. Which one? Hmmm… thanks for all your posts, I look forward to them always.



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