A red T shirt

Una maglietta rossa                   please scroll down for english text, thanks.

E’ un semplice schizzo, una maglietta rossa. Rossa come i pigiamini dei bambini annegati qualche giorno fa davanti alle coste della Libia. Rossa come la maglietta del piccolo Aylan Kurdi ritrovato senza vita tre anni fa su una costa turca. Di rosso vengono vestiti dalle loro madri i bambini che si apprestano ad attraversare il Mediterraneo nella speranza che in caso di naufragio il rosso richiami l’attenzione dei soccorritori.

Una maglietta rossa per fermare l’emorragia di umanità. Anch’io la vesto oggi seguendo l’invito di Don Ciotti. E voi?

It’s a simple quick sketch. A red T-shirt. Red like the small pajamas of the children who died drowned in front of the Libyan coast a week ago. Red like the T-shirt of the small Aylan Kurdi, found dead three years ago on a Turkey shore. Red is the color mothers choice for their children when approaching to cross the Mediterranean Sea with the hope in case of a shipwreck this color can be more visible to the rescuers.

A  red T-shirt to stop the hemorrhage of humanity. I wear a red T-shirt too today. How about you?


5 pensieri su “A red T shirt

  1. This is such a strong post, both the drawing and your words. Sometimes you wonder what will become of us human beings? As you write what is happening in the Mediterranean Sea is both horrible and shameful (and by far only by the Italian government).

    • Thanks for you words Otto. What surprises (what frightens me) me is the large amount of population supporting what the government is doing. People with family, people I meet when I stop at the coffee shop, people who were worrying for the boys in the cavern in Thailand find normal the tragedy happening in the Mediterranean Sea. Without thinking that if someone risks his life (pays for this) there is a reason, there must be a very bad situation in his own country, it’s not a pleasure journey, it’s not tourism.
      And the ones who do not agree are silent.
      Bad times when a population needs to find an enemy (a weak enemy) to feel united…


  2. Bonjour, pleased to get to know about Your Blog Posts… (I’m coming from Otto’s Blog :)).’d better not to comment on your Interesting and Worthy of Attention Posting:)… that said!:-) “hemorrhage of humanity”? yeaah! you’re so right!
    “Primordial Intelligence” to Whom we vaguely give the name of “God” is to me, about Ultimate Power of Mother Nature. Next Future will tell us the way He/She will be able to “restore Balance” here down on Earth and of course!:) independently of the “downhill river of human decadence”… only Nature Rules the Game… well to me;-)

    • Thanks Mary for your words. What is happening now in the Mediterranean Sea is terrible and we should only be ashamed by the situation. Honestly I feel embarrassed to live in a country where the government (supported by a large part of the population) feel this as a reached goal to be proud of. Hmm, difficult times…


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