Fra un caffè e l’altro anche un po’ di musica migliore l’umore.

Between one coffee and another a little bit of music puts us in a good mood.

Siete d’accordo? Cosa fate quando vi sentite un poco giù? Vi aiuta la musica? O avete un’altra ricetta?

Do you agree? What do you do when you are in a bad mood? Does music cheer you up? Or do you have a different recipe?

3 pensieri su “Music

  1. What a beautiful room. Who are those people? When I am in a bad mood, I knit while I think through whatever issue is bothering me. If I need to escape, I might practice the piano, but I listen to music only when I am already in a good mood.

    • Thanks for your words Bizzy, I’m a little late in my answer but I was traveling! The room is located in an old Villa in north Italy where oft different events take place.
      In this case it was a blues concert in occasion of a Book Festival dedicated to female writers.
      Concert and Festival both very good!
      When I was a child my mother taught me a little bit knitting and when at school I had some machine knitting (not sure it’s the right word) and I had a beautiful book with all my samples which unfortunately went lost in the years.
      I think knitting can be a very relaxing activity but I remember my Mom making very complicated calculation about it….

      • No, it’s only complicated if you want it to be. My class is all women, but some of the husbands knit, too. It lets you fidget and feel good about it, too.


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