march 2020, the night

marzo 2020, la notte             please scroll down for english text, thanks

Questo è lo stesso palazzo di fronte a casa mia visto in apertura dell’articolo di ieri. Lo ho fotografato di notte perchè sono sempre stato affascinato da questa scacchiera di luci. Finestre illuminate che si stagliano nel buio. Dietro ogni finestre, anche quelle non illuminate ci sono persone anche se noi non le vediamo e ci sono tante  storie. Tante storie diverse. Io ho sempre trovato intrigante pensarci e anche immaginarle-

This is the same building in front of home we have seen in the opening of the yesterday’s post. I took this night photo because I always feel the fascination of this chessboard of lights. Illuminated windows in the darkness. Behind each window, even the not illuminated there are people. And stories. Many different stories. I have always found intriguing to think and imagine about these stories.

Ma adesso le notti sono difficli, mi fanno paura. Forse è l’atavica paura, il buio, l’ignoto. Non lo so. Mi piace andare a letto non troppo tardi e leggere qualche pagine di un buon libro. Mi trasportano in un altro posto, a volte in un altro tempo. E dopo mi addormento bene.

But now the nights are difficult, I’m afraid of them. Maybe it’s the atavistic fear, the darkness, the unknown. I don’t know. I like to go to bed not too late and read a few pages of a good book. They bring me in a different world, sometimes a different age. And after a good reading I can sleep well.

Adesso è tutto così diverso. L’epidemia, adesso tecnicamente è una pandemia   è sempre più forte e quando mi sveglio dopo faccio molta fatica ad addormentarmi. Cerco di non pensarci, provo a ricordarmi delle cose più belle attorno a me. Quel viaggio in auto fino in Norvegia l’anno scorso. L’emozione di una semplice vacanza, quello spettacolo visto a teatro, quel…Ma appena mi distraggo i pensieri ritornano. Ancora. E’ vero ho sempre cercato di prendere tutte le precauzioni contro questo dannato virus, ma gli errori sono sempre dietro l’angolo,  se qualche volta mi fossi distratto? E allora riaddormentarsi diventa difficile e le notti diventano lunghe, molto lunghe…

Now everything has changed so much.The epidemic, now technically is a pandemic is going strong and when I wake up it’s very hard to get to sleep again. I try not to think, I try to think the nicest things. The roadtrip from Italy to Norway we made last year. The emotion of a simple holiday, that beautiful show in a nice theater, that…but as soon as I stop thinking the thoughts come back. Again. It’s true, I always took all the possible precautions against this damned virus but mistakes are always behind the corner, what if  sometimes I had been distracted? And than it is hard to sleep again and the nights are long, very long…

Meglio tornare ai momenti belli, come quando Simo ed io siamo andati all’ Asino Day.

Un raduno in centro italia di asini da tutta Europa e anche con qualche partecipante da oltre oceano. E’ stata una bellissima giornata che abbiamo vissuto con gioia e meraviglia. E’ stato cirac 10 anni fa.


Now let’s go  to the nice moments, like when Simo and I went to the Asino Day. It was around 10 years ago.

A meeting in the center of Italy with donkeys from all Europe and even a few coming from overseas. It has been a beautiful day we lived wiht joy and astonishment.

Vi suggerisco di cliccare sulle foto per vederle meglio e mi piacerebbe conoscere i vostri comment, grazie!

I suggest you to click the pictures for a better viewing experience and, you know I would like to know your comments, thanks!



9 pensieri su “march 2020, the night

    • Thanks for your words. YEs spring is around, have a nice walk but do not stay to close to other people and do not shake hands. Do not panic but be careful. Enjoy spring…the flowers…the grass…the birds…ciao 🙂

  1. I can almost feeling same… But we will do the best dear Robert, everything will be fine at the end. My heart with you all too. This is a big scary event in the world, but world had seen many tragic events in the history and always human found the right way… I do pray and wish, please stay in home and be in relax… I can’t sleep too… and I have some health problems too. But there is nothing to do more for us. Love, nia

    • Thanks Nia. Yes, it is scary an d we were not ready. I came to life after WWII and I never experienced a situation like in a war time. Because this is like a war, you know there are snipers around. We all try our best to stay safe. We can pray and hope. Relax ourselves is a little strange, sometimes we do. Sometimes not so much. We have many books, I listen to some cultural transmission by the radio, the news only twice a day morning and evening otherwise too scaring. Internet halps to keep contacts. Thanks for yout words 🙂

  2. robert, i’m sorry you are so tortured… the virus is cruel that’s for sure… perhaps you need a little over the counter help to sleep?
    thank you for sharing your donkey pictures, what sweet babies! all the sweeter for the hard times, i imagine….


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