march 2020, another day

marzo 2020, un altro giorno     

Sul mio terrazzo a volte ci sono dei giochi di luce e ombre interessanti. Come fotografo guardo, osservo e  senso l’impulso di scattare.

On my terrace there are sometimes nice palys between light and shadows. As photographer I look, I watch and I feel the impulse to shoot.

Anche nell’umore ci sono luci e ombre, più ombre che luci. Le notizie sono sempre più preoccupanti (veramente io le trovo spaventose) e le difficoltà sono tante. L’idea che fra qualche giorno dovrò uscire per acquistare un poco di cibo non è piacevole. E quando gli esperti parlano di essere vicini al punto di non ritorno… A me sembra inconcepibile che l’attrezzo più semplice per non diffondere il virus e proteggere gli altri cioè le mascherine siano introvabili da settimane. Se fossero state disponibili qualche settimana fa e tutti le avessero portate quante persone in meno sarebbero state contagiate?

The mood as well has lights and shadows. The news are always more worring (to say the truth I find them scaring) and there are many difficulties. The idea  to go out in a few days to buy food is for sure not pleasant. And when the experts say we are near the no return point…It seems me inconceivable that the simplest tool not to spread around the virus and  protect  other persons I mean the masks since week  can not be found. If they had been available a few weeks ago and people had weared them how many less people would have been infected?

E allora torniamo ai momenti belli…siamo nel 2013 un viaggio in toscana con mia moglie e con la vecchia Rolleiflex eredità da papà. Luce bellissima, anche mia moglie …

Then we go back to the nice moments…it’s 2013 a very good trip to Tuscany with my wife and the old Rolleiflex I have inherited by my father. Beautiful light, and my wife as well…

Potete cliccare sulle immagini per ingrandirle e nel sarebbe bello se lasciaste qualche commento, pensiero, suggerimento…

You can click the images to enlarge them and it would be very nice if you leave a comment, a thought, a suggestion…

8 pensieri su “march 2020, another day

  1. like you, Robert, i hope human animals will learn something with this situation. but if not, we will take to the streets to shout and demand that our governments radically change their policies to make public hospitals and public schools, among other things, real priorities!

    • Yes. Part of the problem in Italy is in the last 10 years, maybe more all the governments with no difference on which side took money away from the health system, closed many hospitas, reduced the number of beds in the other and even closed the number for the students who wanted to study medecine.
      And of course when the emergency arrives we are not ready…we have not enough hospitals, we have not enough beds, we have not enough doctors…meantime some of the policiens speak, speah and speak… 😦

  2. Thanks for the Italian update. In the San Francisco area we are closed down too. Grocery stores and Pharmacies are open. Today I went to the grocery store and the selection was poor. I guess they had a run for the last couple of days. Like you I have been going over some older photos. I thinking about being closer to friends when this is over. Be safe Robert!


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