march 2020, the uncertainty

marzo 2020, l’incertezza


Se guardate attentamenta la foto di apertura vedrete alcuni puntini neri e delle piccole macchie. Sono causate da un poco di polvere sul sensore della macchina digitale. E questo per il fotografo è fastidioso. Erano bei tempi quando il problema era quello di avere un sensore sporco. Oggi la paura è qua attorno, i numeri sono in continua crescita. Gli esperti dicono che nel fine settimana nel nord Italia dovremmo arrivare al picco. E dopo potrebbe iniziare una lenta decrescita. Forse. C’è tanta incertezza ancora…

If you look at the opening photo with attention you’ll notice a few black spots and a few stains. They are caused by a dirty sensor in a digital camera. Dust on the sensor is for the digital photographer annoying. It was a good time when the problem was to have a dirty sensor. Nowadays there is fear around, numbers are still growing. The experts say in north Italy during the weekend we should have the pick. After that a slow decrease could start. Perhaps. There is still so much uncertainty…

E’ l’incertezza provoca tensione, stress. Fra qualche giorno dovrò uscire per fare la spesa. E mi chiedo se andare in questo o quel negozio, dove ci sarà meno gente? Dove avranno pulito meglio? Ma avranno disinfettato? E se alla cassa l’addetto mi sta troppo vicino? Potrei andare alle casse automatiche ma se le usano tutti non sarà ancora più pericoloso? Si certo ho i guanti ma…

It is the uncertainty which causes tension, stress. In a couple of days I’ll have to go out to buy food. And I ask myself where should I go, here or there, where will it be less crowded? Where will be more clean? But are we sure they have sanitized the place?  What if when I have to pay the peron is to near? I could use the automatic cashier’s desks but if everybody goes there is not it more dangerous? Yes, I wear gloves but…

Per non pensare a tutto questo oggi ho lavorato in casa, pavimenti, cucina pulita e disinfettata, sedie…In order not to  alawys think I made today a few works, floors, kitchen,chairs…

Nel guardare vecchie foto mi sono soffermat su una vacanza in Val Badia nel 2005 e mi piace condividere quei bei momenti con voi.

When going through my  photos from the good moments I found an holiday with my wife in Val Badia, 2005 and I desire to share them with you.

Come sempre potete cliccare le foto per una visione migliore e se volete i vostri commenti sono graditi. As always you can click the photos to enlarge them and your comments are welcome.



12 pensieri su “march 2020, the uncertainty

  1. today i heard that the corona virus replicates with RNA not DNA, which would make a perfect copy of each virus, but with RNA it makes a sloppy copy and we get mutations and a virus that is very difficult to find a vaccine for…. i’m getting more and more scared by the day, that they virus will outlive our economy.

  2. Dear Robert, my heart goes out to you and Italy, as I am watching the European News as well. We here in the United States are still at a different level, but I don’t trust all the numbers, it’s our president who is faking everything. Yet the fear is a creeping thing, that want’s to invite every bodies mind. Thank you for your everyday updated post and all I can , wishing you to keep up your spirit.

  3. An element of fatalism might help. You will do your best; maybe, for example, you can shop online. As for everything else, it really is a matter of fate. May the Fates smile upon you.

    • Thanks for your appreciated words. Of course fatalism is always present in our lives in normal times as well, when I drive on the motorway is risky as well.
      In this moment it is not possible to shop on line in my area, shops and supermarkets are not organized for a so huge request. Since days I’m trying to place orders but no delivery in the next two weeks…and not sure if in the following it will be possible.
      Yes, I’ll do my best, crossing fingers 🙂 grazie


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