march 2020, traveling

marzo 2020, viaggiando                    english text below, please

Questa mattina Simo è andata al negozio all’angolo a ritirare la spesa che avevamo ordinato, qualche surgelato, latte e jogurt, detersivi e simili. Quando voleva uscire una persona era sulla porta attendendo il turno per entrare. Mia moglie ha chiesto se per favore potesse spostarsi un paio di metri altrimenti non sarebbe uscita. Malvolentieri questa persona si è spostata, brontolando e guardando mia moglie come se la sua richiesta fosse stata strana o scortese. Evidentemente c’è ancora chi non ha capito niente. E abbiamo ancora centinaia di morti al giorno…

In the morning my wife went to the shop behind the corner to pick  something we had ordered yesterday, a couple of deep frozen food, some milk and jogurt, soap, detergents and similar. When she was going to go out a man was on the door. My wife asked gently to move back a couple of meters otherwise she had not gone out. The man relutanctly  moved back grumbling and looking at my wife as if her request was mad or unpolite. It’s evident there are still people who have not understood. And we have hundreds of death everyday…

Come sarebbe bello partire, andare ma non si può. Ma basta guardare le foto di quel viaggetto qualche anno fa per riviverne le emozioni…

How nice would it be to leave, to go but it is not possible! But it is enough to look at the picturea of that small journey a few years ago and the emotions are alive.

Potete cliccare le immagini per vederle ingrandite e lasciare un vostro pensiero nei commentoi, grazie.

You can click the images to enlarge them and your comments are welcome, thanks.

8 pensieri su “march 2020, traveling

  1. The state I live in (Washington-US) put a stay at home order in effect and closed all but essential businesses almost right away. It’s worth the inconvenience and isolation. The rising statistic curve flattened very noticeably in the last week, and we’re grateful. Your photos are beautiful and uplifting! So wonderful we have these digital tools to capture images of our wider world and stay in touch with each other! Take care, and may you stay well!

    • Thanks. To stay at home is a sacrifice for sure but it can save our and other’s life. If we do it in the right way soon the benefit will be great. Nice to know you liked the photos, I’ll add more in the next days! Technology is of a geat help in those days, we are inside but we can open windows in the world!

  2. a lot of people are still speaking that we are all over reacting, but it’s hard to imagine people thinking that in your country! in the US trump is starting to talk about getting people back to work!! weird…
    your pictures are lovely!

    • In my country as well a few weeks ago people were thinking of an overeaction…it is something so powerful when it start that is so difficult to believe, to accept.
      But I find criminal that other countries seeing what is happening in Italy and also in Spain did not react quick and strongly. Unless there are countries with a very low population density. Covid19 does not look if you are blond or not, if you speak one language or another, if you are from the right or left side of politic, if you are catholic or muslim, if you are…when it attacks it attacks…
      Be safe, wash your hands and do not forget to smile!

  3. Robert, thanks for sharing your experience of Italy under siege. At least I need these voices from outside my little world, currently obsessed of course with the pandemic threat for which Italy currently shows an horrific prospect.
    Art can soothe, can and does lift the spirits of those sensible, and as artists we can and have to add our share to the development of our societies.
    Thanks again – Markus

    • Thank you Markus for your words. It s a bad moment (bad? it’s terriffic) but we have to do our part in this unexpected war…we daily telephone to our aquaintance who are very old and alone in their houses to keep them “entertained” and writing my experience and my feelings in the blog helps me as well ! It’s a war but one day it will be over…


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