april 2020, april 2015

aprile 2020, aprile 2015

Anche se io uso un Mac ho sempre ammirato le capacità di Bill Gates e quanto luie sua moglie stiano facendo con la loro fondazione, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

I’m a Mac user. Nevertheless I always admired the ability of Bill Gates and what he and his wife are doing through their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

E allora propongo questo intervento TED nel quale cinque anni fa spiegava come il mondo non fosse preparato per una pandemia. Dura pochi minuti, val la pena di vederlo, ci sono anche i sottotitoli in italiano.

Therefore I suggest this TED speech where five years ago he explained how the world was not ready in case of a pandemic. It’s only a few minutes, worthwhile to watch.


Intanto noi continuiamo con il nostro isolamento, ci stiamo abituando. Darwin diceva che le speci che sanno adattarsi all’ambiente sono quelle che sopravvivono. Noi impariamo ad adattarci.

Meantime we go on in our self isolated life. Darwin sayd the specis able to adapt themselves to the environment are the ones who will survive. We are learning to adapt.

Simo disegna seduta al mio tavolo, io pedalo sulla cyclette guardando un video.

Simo draws sitting at my table, I pedal on my stationary bicycle watching a video.

E ho anche iniziato un nuovo progetto fotografico, ma di questo parleremo un’altra volta!

I also started a new photographic project, but about it will speak another time!


10 pensieri su “april 2020, april 2015

  1. I have to admit that Bill Gates is not a big fan of mine (although I have always used PC’s). However, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does some good work in the world. Adaptability is surely one of our species advantages. In these days it will really prove how much we are. I am glad you stay on top of the game.

    • Same thinking here Otto. Thay are doing a good jobe with the Foundation.
      As human we are weak, not so powerful and invincible as we were thinking…now we are learning it. It seems me not only in Italy but in many countries in the last two decades governments indipendently if right, middle or left took too much money and resources away from the Health system and now we are paying the price. Many deaths and a terrific economic problem. If all these cuts to the Health system had not be done probaly it had been less expensive…and more people could survive.

  2. yes, we will adapt, but i can’t figure out how they propose to stop this virus without a vaccine? they are telling us to isolate, but that will only put off the inevitible…
    it reminds me of the movie 12 monkeys… where the people had to go underground, and leave the world to the virus
    i saw that ted talk, but i also saw another talk by bill saying that we need to decrease the population, by A LOT

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