april 2020, lockdown week 4

View from my bedroom’s balcony                                                                    photo rkr@2020

Aprile 2020, settimana 4 di chiusura

Siamo alla quarta settimana in casa. A questo punto ci si abitua. Distanziamento fisico. Dal balcone ogni tanto si vede qualcuno. Distanziato. Le nostre città sono diventate più silenziose e gli animali si stanno guadagnando spazi maggiori.  Le passioni coltivate per anni, come lettura, disegno e fotografia aiutano a far trascorrere il tempo. La primavera è qui attorno e risveglia il desiderio per qualche viaggio, da dimenticare in questi giorni. E allora vado a vedere le foto di qualche anno fa, come queste del 2015 scattate con il cellulare dal treno mentre andavo in città. Ho sempre amato scattare foto da veicoli in movimento e il treno è il mezzo ideale, Quando sono in auto il più delle volte devo guidare!

This is our fourth week of lockdown. At the end we are getting used to it. Physical distancing. From the balcony I see somebody, sometimes. Distanced. Our towns are now more silent and animals are conquering more spaces. The passions I have since many  years like reading, drawing and photography  help to spend the time. Spring is around and the desire for a trip as well!  It will be not possible for a long time, something to forget. Therefore I look at pictures I took in other trips years ago, like these taken with a mobile phone  from the train going downtown Milan in 2015. I always love to take photo from a moving vehicle and  trains are the ideal starting point. When I’m in the car most of time I have to drive!

Potete ingrandire le foto cliccandoci sopra. I vostri commenti, suggerimenti e idee sono sempre graditi, non esitate! Grazie!

You can enlarge the photo clicking on them. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcom, do not hesitate! Thanks!



8 pensieri su “april 2020, lockdown week 4

  1. Love the blues in these images. Makes the photos into a coherent series – along with your vision and way of shooting. I am glad you are still cheerful and positive. It’s good to be able to enjoy such things as reading, drawing, photographing and maybe a bit of dreaming, in these times.

  2. that’s my personal fave thing to do, take pictures out of the passenger seat of a vehicle…
    we do not know what the new normal will be, and how many people will die
    i’m like a deer in headlights right now, as my husband still has his job and such…

    • Sometimes I ask myself how the life will be in a few months…sometimes I prefer not to think too much, just enjoy the simple daily life, even if much limited. It’s nice to wake up each day and look out of the window…the sky is still there…

  3. I see this too. We have such beautiful spring weather. The birds are migrating, emptying my bird feeder every day. My garden suddenly requires constant attention. But we, unlike everything bursting to life around us, we need to stay in. In a way I enjoy watching the birds and nature take over. I wonder whether we can, when we start our return to normal life, do a better job of sharing space with the many other species around us.

    • I hope one day more attention to nature and environment will be paid. In a certain way the “normal life” as it was intended before this pandemic should be forgotten, we should start in a very different way. Difficult, very difficult but the world is very fragile, we are fragile and we should understand this. Hopefully.
      I have a few rosemary plants on my terrace which survived the winter, love them!


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