april 2020, week 6 locked down

Aprile 2020, settimana 6 di chiusura.

One night a few year ago…

Siamo alla sesta settimana in casa. Fuori piove, dopo mesi di siccità un poco di pioggia è benvenuta. E’ una giornata grigia. Sarebbe bello camminare sotto la pioggia, mi ricordo quella volta che…

We are in the sixth week of lockdown. Outside it rains, after many weeks without rain it is welcome. It’s a gray day. It would be nice to walk under the rain, I remember that time when…

Guardo fuori dalla finestra e scatto qualche foto…

I look through the window and I take a few pictures…

La prossima volta un poco più di colore, promesso 🙂 resistiamo !

Next time a little bit more colour, I promise 🙂 we resist !


12 pensieri su “april 2020, week 6 locked down

  1. oh Robert, i’m afraid that the world after will be worst than the previous one, that we’ll learn almost nothing, at least in France. according to some polls here, the winner will be the far right party.

  2. Robert, it always makes me happy to hear from you. It had been raining here in California , for like two straight weeks, which was much needed for our climate, thanks god it didn’t came to heavily floods. As I am always happy when it rains here, loving to listen to the sound of rain, knowing that earth is soaking it up to the extent what it needs. Through this lockdown, I tremendously enjoy the birds chirping, I can hear it more because there is no noise of traffic anymore. It seems that nature is recovering and that is a blessing. Stay safe and keep your good spirits up.

    • it is important to have some rain, possibly not too much in one time! I like walking in the rain sometimes. We have friends who live in the suburbs of our town and they see more animals around, like rabbits and foxes. And many birds. I live in a too urbanized area to notice them, at least for the moment.
      I hope after the pandemic (I’m not so sure there will be an “after” probably we’ll have to learn to live with it) when we’ll restart we’ll do it in a different way on many things, one of which will be our attention to the natur and the environment.
      Or will have learned nothing…

      • Indeed Robert. Here were I live in California, nature is just exploding in it’s blooming of wild flowers and the birds are serenating more than ever, sure they are happy that there is less noise around us right now. I happen to see the most exotic birds I had never seen before and it brings me so much pleasure to watch them, well because they are free and can fly anywhere they need to. Stay safe my friend and keep up your good spirit and thank you for responding.


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