april 2020, week 7

Aprile 2020, settimana 7

Oggi vorrei dedicare questo articolo a mia molgie Simonetta, per gli amici Simo.

Today I would like to dedicate this post to my wife Simonetta, Simo for the friends.

simo, ready to go  out                                                                                                   photo rkr©2020

Uscire di casa anche se solo una volta alla settimana per recuperare la spesa al negozio all’angolo, spesa preventivamente ordinata per telefono in modo da diminuire al massimo il contatto comporta sempre una forte carica di tensione.

To go out even only once a week to pick up the grocery shopping  we had previously ordered by phone in order to reduce the contacts has always its part of emotive tension.

Il fatto è che  fuori casa la nostra sicurezza dipende molto più da un comportamento serio socialmente responsabile degli altri che dal nostro. La nostra maschera protegge gli altri dall’essere contagiati da noi, nel caso fossimo portatori sani, ma non difende noi dagli altri.

The point is that it is now clear  when we go out our safety depends much more on the serious socially responsible behavior of the others than on ours. Our mask protects others from being infected by us, in case we were asymptomatic carriers, but does not defend us from the others.

Ascoltando per radio (si, io amo la radio) le trasmissioni nelle quali gli ascoltatori possono telefonare e fare richieste mi sembra  ancora troppe persone non abbiano capito quanto seria la situazione sia. E questo alla vigilia di un allentamento della fase di chiusura mi sembra molto preoccuopante.

Listening to the radio (yes, I love my radio) the programs where people can ask questions it really seems me too many people have not yet understood how serious the point is. And on the eve of a lihgtening of the lockdown it seems me very worrying.

E dalla storia sappiamo che le epidemie “funzionano” a ondate, come la Peste Nera nel 14° secolo e il vaiolo nel 18 .

And from history we know that epidemics “work” in waves, like the Black Plague in the 14th century and smallpox in the 18th .

L’ho già scritto ma lo ripeto: Darwin diceva che le speci che si adattano sono quelle che sopravvivono…

I have already written but I repeat it: Darwin said the species which adapt themselves are the ones which will survive…

Concludo con un GRAZIE a Simo che mio tiene comnpagnia e condivide  con me questo tempo particolare !

I close with a THANK to Simo  who keeps me company sharing with me this particular time

Come sempre i vostri commenti sono benvenuti. Anche lore tengono compagnia 🙂

As always your comments are welcome. Even they keep company 🙂







7 pensieri su “april 2020, week 7

  1. Hello to Simonetta. It’s nice to see she is doing fine, even if the world is not doing so well. I am amazed that some people still think the virus is not a serious threat. But I guess those people might be applying for the Darwin Award – if you know what I mean. So, yes, precautions are necessary, particularly now when the society is slowly starting to open up again.

    • I have the feeling we are at the beginning of an unknown time…with much uncertainty…I read pandemic always come in waves…we must be careful…it will take time but we’ll find a “certain” balance…I hope…
      Simo is a little bit nervous sometimes (we all are sometimes!) but doing ok, she’s strong 🙂

  2. for sure, Robert, everything may happen. but i’m optimistic. or i want to be optimistic. we can’t stay for a very long time prisoners. there are more and more suicides. many people die because they are afraid to go to their doctors. so, for me, it’s not only a question of economics. i just finish wishing you and your wife the best.

    • Francis you are correct, we need to be optimistic. In Italy I just read doctors reported that compared to previous years there are many more people died because of heart attack. People are afraid to go to doctors or to hospitals when feeling bad. I hope not to need in any case I’m lucky my doctors office is in the building where we live, just downstairs two floors!
      The economic is very worrying, the government is trying to help people but it is not so simple…sure we are going into a difficult time.
      Our greengrocer (and other shops around) do what we call “spesa sospesa = suspended shopping, not sure of translation” which means it is possible to buy some food and leave it available for the ones who need it and it seems to be a good idea. So when we buy food we always leave something. Many people do so, even not reach people are leaving what they can. In difficult times people react in different way, some take out their good side 🙂 We’ll go through this anyway…

  3. oh? they are stopping with the lockdown? it is surprising, but the world is getting economically destroyed and i think that terrifies people…
    I haven’t listened to our prime minister today, but i think he’s going to talk about the same thing, and so is trump
    yes, those masks only help others… i sell some, for the kind hearted people who take care of others that way… so they can look fashionable 🙂

    • They are stopping the lockdown very gradually keeping attnetion to what happens, number of infected people and availability of places in hospitals, in ICUs etc. It will be a long process…full of unknown points and questions where there is not yet a clear answer.
      We are so weak as human beings…and not so powerful as many believe to be…


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