may 2020, the end

Maggio 2020, la fine

Siamo arrivati alla fine. Certo non la fine dell’emergenza, con la pandemia dovremo convivere per molto tempo, siamo solo alla fine della chiusura quasi totale. Sia pure con limitazioni si potranno fare molte cose fino a ieri “proibite”. Questo mi spaventa, credo sia la fase più pericolosa. Io non ho molta fiducia sulla volontà (capacità) di molte persone di seguire le regole. Più che regole sarebbe giusto chiamarle procedure suggerite dalla prudenza e dal rispetto per il prossimo.

We are at the end. For sure not the end of the emergency, with the pandemic we shall live for a long time,  it is only the end of the lockdown.  With many limitation people will be allowed to make things which until now were “forbidden”. This is frightening, it is the most dangerous moment. I do not trust very much on the will of many others to follow the rules. More than rules we should say procedures suggested by caution and respect for the people around.

Nel maggio di cinque anni fa avevo scattato le foto che vedete in questo articolo…chissà se c’è una relazione con il maggio di quest’anno.

Five years ago in may I took the photo you see in this post…who knows if there is any relation with this year’s may.

L’ultima foto parla di musica, che è sempre d’aiuto nei momenti difficli. Ma parlavamo di fine e allora concludo con questo video, perchè sempre di fine si tratta! Mettete le cuffie e alzate il volume . Grande Jim !

The last photo speaks of music, which is always helpful in difficult moments. Therefore I close with this video, which is about the end. Wear your headphone and set the volume high. Grande Jim !

Commenti e suggerimenti sempre benvenuti, grazie. E se cliccate le foto avrete una visione migliore!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, thanks. And if you click the photos you’ll have a better viewing experience!




10 pensieri su “may 2020, the end

  1. It’s a scary moment for sure, in Italia, in Norway and wherever the restrictions are lifted. Maybe particularly in Italia, a country was so hard hit with the corona. Are we human beings going to be able to respectfully adjust to the new reality which still holds the threat of covid-19 right over our heads? I don’t know, but I sure hope. I am not afraid, but hopeful. On a different note, I was never a big Jim Morrison fan, but he did make some great songs, such as The End.

    • Hi Otto, we have to learn to live with such a situation. Unfotunately too many people have not yet understood it is a serious moment, if we all make what common sense suggests the problem will be easier to live with.
      Jim Morrison is not for everyone…sometimes good, sometimes not so good 🙂

  2. La scelta di questa canzone mi ricorda molte volte quando vivevo vicino a Père Lachaise. Fumare uno spinello sulla tomba di Jim era un’abitudine condivisa da molti. il testo della canzone può essere compreso in molti modi diversi. Personalmente, cerco di fare di ogni minuto la fine di tutto ciò che è stato prima nella mia vita, in altre parole, ogni fine è l’inizio di un’altra vita, un ricordo che il presente è ciò che conta. la sfocatura delle foto mi ricorda anche che siamo in moto eterno, che il passato e il futuro contano molto meno del presente.
    Che ogni momento sia per te e tua moglie momenti di vita pura e feconda.

    • Grazie Francis per le tue parole, ottimo italiano! Thanks Francis for your words in excellent italian! I never tried to smoke a joint ! But the moment is important, we are here now and it is already great. What for the caterpillar is the end of the world we call butterfly! Even for the catholic church the end is a beginning of a new life…
      Père Lachaise has been for years on my “to go” list and I never did…maybe one day…

  3. yes, i’m worried about a second phase of the virus too… plus, they are NEVER going to find a vaccine for it, because it’s a mutating virus… it’s ALL scary, isn’t it?

    and jim morrison was scary too lol did you ever read his biography?

    • If a vaccine will be not found we’ll have to learn to live with the virus, being careful of distances and washing our hands. Shall people learn? I don’t know, I hope so…
      I didn’t read jim’s biography but I love his music…and those were different times…

  4. Hi Robert, so great to hear from you. I do understand that the limitations getting a bit loosened, is frighthening . Same here , as soon as the beaches got unlocked, people were coming down in masses. I have not seen friends since February, well the USA was way to late to recognize the sincerity of this virus, anyhow for now I have lost the job as a photographer, but doing home studio assignements for my passion of floral photography and that keeps me being creative. I enjoyed your much your Jim Morrison video, thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week coming up.

    • Yes, people are the same everywhere, more or less 🙂 we are human! I prefer to stay safe at home at least a few days longer and look what is happening in my town. Sorry you lost your job as photographer, a better moment will come one day. Jim Morrison was one of the great .-)


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