may 2020, slow

maggio 2020, adagio               scroll down for english text, please

photo rkr©2020

Dopo nove settimane in casa, finalmente usciamo, molto lentamente e con tutte le necessarie precauzioni. E ho colto l’occasione per fare qualche foto.

After nine weeks at home, very slowly we go out, of course with all necessary cautions. And I took the opportunity to make a few pictures.

Da parte nostra c’è sempre una certa tensione, non sappiamo mai se le persone che incontreremo per strada si manterranno a distanza di dicurezza! Però devo dire che  le persone che abbiamo visto oggi, soprattutto quelle sopra i 40 sono ragionevolmente attente a mantenere le distanze. E portano le mascherine.

From our side there is a certain amount of tension, we never know if the people we’ll meet on the street will keep a safe distance from us! But I have to say most of people we saw today, especially the ones over 40 are reasonably careful to keep the distance. And wear a mask.

Purtroppo qualche eccezione c’è: abbiamo incontrato due persone che camminavano senza mascherina  parlando a voce molto alta al cellulare: è appurato che parlando e ancora più parlando a voce molto alta si diffondono nell’aria quelle  micro goccioline di saliva che potrebbero contenere il virus. E siccome ognuno potrebbe essere un asintomatico, cioè potrebbe essere contagioso senza saperlo…

Unfortunately there are some exceptions: we met two people who walked without a mask talking very loudly on their cell phones: it is clear that by speaking and even more if speaking very loudly, they could spread into the air those micro droplets of saliva that could contain the virus . And since everyone could be an asymptomatic, in other words could be contagious without knowing it…

Il virus non è scomparso, il cecchino è ancora in giro, in qualche posto che aspetta  le sue vittime. Occorre prudenza, molta prudenza…oppure diciamo buonsenso!

The virus has not disappeared, the sniper is still around, anywhere waiting for the victims. We need caution, much caution…or let’s call it common sense!

photo rkr©2020

Questo è un blog essenzialmente di fotografia e allora in questo articolo avevo raccontato come mi piacesse prendere un caffè “virtuale” insieme a un fotografo che ammiro: la prossima volta avrò  ospite un grande fotografo…

This is a blog about photography therefore in this article I told you how I liked to have a “virtual” coffee with a  photographer I admire : next time I’ll have as guest a great photographer…

E voi? Avete imparato a convivere con questa situazione difficile? Dobbiamo imparare, coraggio !

How about you? Did you learn to live in this difficuklt situation? Come on, we must learn it!

Come sempre i commenti sono graditi! As always comments welcome!


12 pensieri su “may 2020, slow

  1. I love the first photo, too. Tells the story and combine and transcend two random meetings on the street into something bigger. Here in Norway we are slowly seeing some ease of restrictions. But we all know it will be a long road ahead of us, still. Well, I guess some people don’t or act like they don’t know…

  2. That first photo is wonderful. Yes, I’m still making masks and everyone here is still wearing them, even though our corner of France is mainly free of the virus. Better to be safe….

  3. We’re not “open” yet in our county (a county is a smaller part of a state). The governor of our state disagrees with Trump and is being very cautious, so they are only letting counties open businesses like restaurants after they are sure the county could deal with an increase in cases. I really miss my favorite bookstore and cafe (it’s one place and it’s very good!). I hope these businesses can open soon, before they are totally unable to pay the bills. We are lucky with places to go outside – many parks are open. In grocery stores, people wear masks most of the time but there are always people who don’t wear them. It’s been OK for me because I’m retired so I didn’t lose a job, and I like to walk outdoors, which I can still do. Take care, Robert, stay healthy and good luck!

    • We are going to open most of places but restricitons are still valis, personal distancing necessary, weraaing masks indoor or when distance is not possible, and similar.
      I miss too my favorites bookstores…they are open but I prefer to wait a little before going. Luckly I have many books at home because I usually buy more than I manage to read !!! Walking outdoor in no crowded places will be next step fro us !

  4. well, Robert, i have some difficulties with masks, my brains suffer of a loss of vitality, i told it to my doctor who advised me to stay at home as long as possible. be careful and safe, you and your wife.

  5. i sell face masks, and people are still buying them, even though we are being told the worst is over… some people have the sense to know the virus is still here….

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