Small pleasure

Piccoli piaceri

Senza parole oggi! Se volete scrivetele voi nei commenti. Grazie!

Without words today! If you like you can write something in the comments. Thanks!

Ci vorrebbe un poco di musica, ma quale?

Some music would be good, but which one?



9 pensieri su “Small pleasure

    • Sometimes the ideas are not very clear…and sometimes photos are blurred !!!
      I recently watched a video conversation with photographer Mark DePaola and he said that the feelings, the emotions in front of an image, painting or photograph come from the blurred area of the image. This is better explained in a book “Vision and art – the biology of seeing” by Dr. Margaret Livingstone Which I should receive in a few days!
      Let’s blurred now! LOL!
      Thanks for your appreciated words.

      • well, i’m glad to hear it… when i first started posting blurred pictures, years ago, i was terrified people would think i was crazy lol enjoy your book! xoxoxoxoxox

  1. I listen to music in several diferent way, as we all do I think.
    Sometimes, I listen to my anger and choose music to fit.
    But, lately, I have been trying to listen to music as an antidote to my current mood.
    Toward that end, I have been actively looking for joy. And finding some interesting music along the way. Like this:

    Or this:

    And, one last bit of musical weirdness that just makes me smile:

    Hope you and yours are well!

    • Thanks Rob for your proposal. I’ll listen to all of them. We are ok, a little bit worn out but it’s ok. Life goes on. Wish you all the best. Love that Colt Clark video, reminds me when in my teen age I was studying guitar (never learned, gave uo after two years) and once we played a Christmas song, my dad playing violin, my older brother flute and my attempt with the guitar! It was the only show we made, just for my Mom! It was almost 60 year ago LOL


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