Towards the end of August

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Un anno fa questa immagine sarebbe sembrata molto strana. Al giorno d’oggi ci ricorda solo quanto è successo. Purtroppo non a tutti. Molti sembrano aver rimosso l’idea che un virus potenzialmente mortale sia attorno a noi. Sembrano aver dimenticato le colonne di camion dell’esercito che trasportavano bare via da Bergamo perchè là non c’era più posto. Sembrano aver dimenticato medici, infermieri e volontari morti nell’aiutare al meglio delle loro possibilità chi era stato colpito da covid-19.

A year ago this image would have seemed very strange. Nowadays it only reminds us of what happened. Unfortunately not to everyone. Many seem to have removed the idea that a potentially deadly virus is around us. They seem to have forgotten the columns of army trucks transporting coffins away from Bergamo because there was no more room there. They seem to have forgotten doctors, nurses and volunteers who died helping those affected by covid-19 to the best of their ability.

E questo fa rabbia, perchè con più di due mesi di chiusura quasi totale e relativi costi, sia economici sia di fatica eravamo riusciti a scendere sotto i cento contagi giornalieri, e mantenerli per diverse settimane.

And this makes me angry, because with more than two months of almost total lockdown and related costs, both economic and laborious, we managed to drop below one hundred covis cases per day, and keep them for several weeks.

E dopo è arrivata l’estate e tutti via ad ammassarsi sulle spiagge, in discoteca e nei bar per l’happy hour. Sembra che altri modi di rilassarsi o divertirsi dell’andare a sculettare in discoteca o bersi uno spritz non ci siano. E così inesorabilmente i contagi risalgono. Oggi siamo già a più di mille. E domani?

And then came the summer and everyone is off to the beaches, discos and bars for happy hour. It seems that there are no other ways to relax or enjoy life than going shaking the bottom back or drinking a spritz. And so inexorably the covid cases rise. Today we have already more than thousand. And tomorrow?

Va bene, fine delle lamentele per oggi! Ok, end of rant mode today!

Continuo a lavorare sul mio libro fotografico sui miei giorni di lockdown, oggi ho ricevuto la seconda prova e mi sembra a posto. Sto valutando se lasciarlo come è, in formato libro oppure se trasformarlo in una zine, più agile e meno costosa. Anche se in questo caso, considerata la particolarità del momento l’idea del libro, anche se di piccolo formato mi sembra migliore.

I continue to work on my photo book about my lockdown days, today I received the second proof and it seems fine. I’m considering whether to leave it as it is, in book format or turn it into a zine, more agile and less expensive. Although in this case, see the peculiarity of the moment the idea of the book, even if small format seems better to me.

E voi? ? Come si comportano le persone attorno a voi? Con le semplici ma sempre necessarie precauzioni, mascherine e distanze oppure come se niente fosse? Cercate di fare attenzione, divertitevi ma senza assembrarvi!

And you? ? How do people around you behave? With simple but always necessary precautions, masks and distances or as if nothing was wrong? Try to be careful, have fun but don’t get too crowded!

Come sempre i vostri commenti e suggerimenti sono graditi. Non esitate a scrivere le v ostre impressioni. Grazie.

As always your comments and suggastions are welcome! Do not hesitate to write your impressions, thanks!

15 pensieri su “Towards the end of August

  1. Great name for a book: Those Days. I looks like we will have a record time in producing a vaccine so hopefully ‘Those Days’ will be soon.

  2. I understand your pleasure to complete the edition process, whatever the chosen process. For me the zine would be the unique possibility because it’s cheaper. But an exhibition seems to me more interesting.
    Here in France, same situation that in Italy and in many countries. And it’s difficult to discuss the situation with people who disagree. Three people already died because of that, including a bus driver. France remains a violent country when the point is about politics.

    • Thanks Francis for your comments, much appreciated.
      The idea is to have both a small book and a zine available via print an on demand service. I’ll have a few copies of the book printed and I’ll buy them for a few present I wan to make. Than the zine at a cheaper price will be available if anyone will be interested in it.
      Yes exhibition is a great way to have the work exposed to a publicum, I have the opportunity through our photoassociation of a nice place. But now with the covid restrictions, mandatory distances and need to avoid people gathering it is not a practical thing.
      By the way have you seen the short video about the exhibition “io della capra, lui della rapa” my wife and I made a few years ago?If you are curious below is the link!

  3. Unfortunately, the same is happening in Norway, to some extent. The outbreak is on the rise again, although still containable. But we do need to remember to hold on to necessary precautions. Exciting with your book coming to a conclusion! Wish you all the best, Robert.

    • In the beginning things can be kept under a relative control, hopefully situation will not escalate. The media here continuosly remind people it. But somebody has a different idea and spread out a dangerous message…
      Some fine tunig about the book and I want to try a zine version. I like the idea to have something tangible out of my work. Thanks for your encouraging words Otto.

  4. Robert – Good idea to look at a dummy book before deciding whether to publish. If you’re printing a full run by offset, rather than individual issues on-demand, you need to determine if you can distribute the whole edition. If you have serious doubts about the market, the idea of a zine is good. One approach would be to print a zine yourself on an inkjet — starting with, say, 50 copies? The zine could be a larger format than the book, which could be an advantage, or maybe not, if you like the smaller book format. Another approach for the zine would be to have it printed on demand on an HP Indigo. The look can be rougher than a book printed by offset, which, for certain types of expression, can be an advantage. In any case, please let me know (by email?) how you decide.
    —Regards, Mitch

    • Thanks Mitch for your suggestion, I’ll let you know how I’ll do.
      I do not plan a large run, more an on-demand edition. What is interesting for me is more the process, the editing and sequencing work. And the idea to have my work as a tangible object, something which is possible to keep in the hands.
      The zine is a possible alternative which can be interesting as well, I experienced it first time I did one via Blurb.
      Even an inkjet hand made could an option. I’ll try something.
      Thanks again, robert

  5. Robert, you have my vote on what you are expressing. Here in California , people have still being mind blinded about the importance of wearing a mask and not to attend on crowded events. Yet I have to say that it has changed a bit since three weeks. Stay safe and healthy you and your family.

    • Grazie Cornelia, we wear a mask each time we go out and now we also bought two visor. We have not idea how things will develop, in my opinion we only have to learn to live with it, at least for some time.
      If one day we’ll have a working vaccine it will change something.

  6. Wonderful photo. Fortunately there are very few cases of coronavirus in my part of France. People do wear masks. They also keep a distance, most of the time. However they don’t bother if it starts to seem inconvenient to them. I stay away from tourist areas. I have no idea what is going on at the beaches, the campgrounds and all. There are many fewer people here than usual, for August, so I imagine they are doing about the same as we are. The only people I have bumped into who seem completely uninterested in distancing and all have been an Italian group at an outdoor concert we attended the other day. They moved right in next to us and looked surprised when we moved a meter away. At least they didn’t spread out, make use of all that extra space.


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