Rain at the end of august

Pioggia a fine agosto

“L’estate sta finendo” era il ritornello di una canzone molti anni fa. Anche adesso sta finendo. Quello che non sta finendo invece è il rischio covid-19. Anche troppi pensano sia finito. Ahimè…chissà quale autunno ci aspetta…

“Summer is ending” was the refrain of a song many years ago. And even now it is ending. What is not ending is the covid-19 risk. Unfortunately too many people think it’s over. Alas…who knows what autumn awaits us…

Non finisce invece il desiderio di fotografare e allora durante il temporale di questa mattina ho guardato sul terrazzo di casa e ho scattato. Senza pensare, d’istinto, così per vedere come era…

What is not ending is the desire to photograph therefore during this morning’s storm I looked at the terrace and took a picture. Without thinking, instinctively, just to see what it was like…

rain photo rkr©2020

E a voi capita di fare una foto senza motivo solo per farla? A volte senza pensare si ottengono i risultati più interessanti…

How about you? Does it happen to take a photo without reason simply for the pleasure to take it? Sometimes without thinking you get the most interesting results …

Potete cliccare la foto per ingrandirla e lasciare un vostro commento, grazie

You can click the photo to enlarge it and your comments are welcome, thanks.

15 pensieri su “Rain at the end of august

  1. back when digital was first becoming a thing, and they finally started making nice cameras, oh yes, i used to take pictures without thinking all the time… often just to hear that satisfying shutter sound… it was such a novelty because with film, you can’t do that…
    i like your picture of the storm, maybe it will wash away the virus…

    • “that satisfying shutter sound…” Love this. Yes, it’s part of the pleasure. In the film only days I sometimes press the shutter even knowing no film was in the camera, simply for the pleasure to frame and hear that sound…LOL

      • lol, definitely, a shutter sound is one of the sweet things in life… though i often wished i could turn it off for stealthy street photography lol… thanks for your fun comment xoxoxoxox

  2. Yes, this is lovely. I recently posted that I caught the perfect wave in a photo at the beach when I was taking a photo of something else. I had spent many shots trying to catch such a photo, but just needed to let it be.

    • Temperature is dropping in Italy, which I welcome! It was a short but intense storm and I could not avoid to take a couple of photos, from behind the window of course ! According to the forecast it will be a wet and stormy week. More photo opportunities!


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