Wild fires

Incendi selvaggi.

Ho amici blogger e non in varie parti del mondo. Anche negli Stati Uniti. Alcuni sono in zone colpite dagli incendi. Qualcuno è stato costretto ad evacuare la propria casa per via degli incendi. Altri vivono in condizioni disagiate, non possono uscire di casa per via del fumo. Oppure escono ma con molte difficoltà. Respirare diventa difficile.

I have friends, bloggers and not bloggers in various parts of the world. In the USA as well. Some are in areas affected by fires. Someone was forced to evacuate his house because of the fires. Others live in poor conditions, they cannot leave the house because of the smoke. Or they go out but with many difficulties. Breathing becomes difficult.

Io sono rimasto molto colpito dalle foto di Noah Berger che potete vedere cliccando questo link: Credo sia proprio il momento di riflettere sul nostro stile di vita e sul cambiamento climatico.

I was very impressed by the photos of Noah Berger that you can see at this link. I think it’s really time to reflect on our lifestyle and climate change.

Pensiamoci. Let’s think about it.


18 pensieri su “Wild fires

  1. They are still burning (in the Angeles National Forest just outside of LA) so we have more smoke in the Bay Area (SF). Still it is a mess I drove the fires 2 years ago and it is 3rd world stuff.

  2. Thank you Robert for sharing those images, it is so devastating what’s going on in California. I live between Los Angeles and San Diego and am saved from all this horrible disaster. We haven’t seen the sun for days, she can’t come through because of all this smoke in the air, it all creates such an eerie atmosphere, every things looks like orange and my car is “snowed” with ashes everyday, although I am very far from those huge fires. Stay safe and healthy, Robert

  3. le foto di Noah Berger ci mostrano una realtà inquietante che non sembra disturbare i leader del nostro pianeta. cosa ci vorrà per farli agire? che una grande città come San Francisco venga divorata dalle fiamme?

  4. Amazing photos. I have seen some images, but none as disturbing as these. I have three friends who live with “go bags” at the ready. Others live farther from the blazes, but still can barely breathe from the smoke. On my one acre, half hectare, I have planted trees and garden organically, but compared with the square miles of deforestation that are happening right now, I realize it won’t make much difference. I feel so sad about what is happening to our planet right now.

    • I know from your blog how much you love nature, trees and every kind of flower and vegetable. It’s so bad what is happening and I’m afraid this is only gthe beginning, I heard experts saying not only is temperature increasing each year but also the “dry season” is starting each year earlier and finish later.
      Of course my thoughts are with people who lost their homes, who got hurted or lost their lives or some relative or friend. I can’t imagine how painful this can be.
      I live in an area relatively safe from this point of biew but with another terrible danger for our health: the air pollution above all in cold months.
      We should really think about the health of our planet. And try to do something.

  5. I live in a place near Seattle very affected by the smoke. It’s only in the last few years this has become a problem, and I believe you’re right that it is because of climate change. It’s also because of deforestation in some cases since removing trees changes the moisture levels that are retained. Both are problems that can be managed better by working together.

    • I’m not an expert but I think climate change can contributes to create the conditions for which a fire can become much more dangerous, higher temperatures, dry soil, wind. As you say deforestation as well contributes.
      What I heard is that the fire problems is becoming bigger each year. And each year solutions will become more difficult.
      Stay safe.

      • My area is known for being very rainy and wet, but it’s becoming drier each year. Yes, I know they predict this will become worse, and that’s hard to imagine. Usually this time of year is like paradise when the sun shines for a couple months and we can enjoy the forests and water around us fully, but the smoke keeps us inside and hides the beauty. Sad. But I’m grateful to be away from the fire zone and think more of those who are affected by flame. Thank you for your concern, Robert!


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