Back in the storm

Nuovamente nella tempesta

Pensavo ci fosse un poco di luce all’orizzonte, invece siamo ancora nel pieno della tempesta. Il cecchino che ha come nome covid-19 è sempre qui attorno pronto a colpire.

I thought there was a little light on the horizon, but we are still in the middle of the storm. The sniper named covid-19 is always around here ready to strike.

Volontariamente chiusi in casa, cibo portato a domicilio, pensiamo a quale inverno ci stia aspettando. Certo non quello delle lunghe passeggiate sulla neve, dei viaggi nelle alpi.

Voluntarily locked in the house, food brought home, we think about what winter is waiting for us. Certainly not that of long walks in the snow, trips to the Alps.

Ovviamente non ci sono viaggi in programma e allora penso a quelli fatti nei tempi buoni. Che prima o poi torneranno…

Of course there is no plan for new journeys therefore I think of the ones in the good old times. Times which soon or later will come back…

Si, ho un forte desiderio di partire…e voi?

Yes, I have a srong desire to leave…and you?

14 pensieri su “Back in the storm

  1. We agree again – I long to travel but the most we might do is a road trip with one or two nights – maybe. But as you said, we can remember and we can dream. Your posts have a beautiful, clean simplicity that I admire.

    • Thanks, I read once that travels give pleasure three times: first when you plan, second when you do it and third when you remember it.
      Luckly we can now enjoy the third kind of pleasure, and with a little bit optimism also the first one 🙂 Two from three, not so bad !

  2. Robert, living in Germany’s Hotspot No.1, Bad Reichenhall, we still don’t suffer under such harsh restriction as you describe – but public life certainly has come to a standstill.

    Whenever I become depressed, I tell myself that I am young enough (aged 60) to experience joyful years to come after this pandemic. These are harsh times, but with enough common sense, a feeling of responsability and a good spirit, we certainly will see better times again. And in the meantime, we can use the opportunity to read, to learn, to plan – even travels!

    • Thanks, at 71 there are not many good years left for me ! I sometimes feel defrauded! Covid is stealing some of my time I’ll never will have again !
      But it is a good idea to plan next trip…work in progress now !

  3. I nice thoughtful post, I was just thinking about my town today. In Danville, CA (USA) we are a slightly above a middle class suburban. But for some reason, we have more restaurants than needed but people from all over come for meals, and unfortunately for drinking. The behavior is pushing (well more than pushing) the county health standards. We have had a mini shutdown because of complaints. I hope my fellow citizens wake up.

    • The virus is invisible but active, as I said it is like a sniper. You do not see but it is there ready to strike. People do not realize it unless one of their acquaintances is touched.
      Thanks for your words, stay safe !

  4. accumuliamo così tante foto che il confinamento ci permette di rivisitarle. e ci permette anche di mettere in discussione il significato dei nostri accumuli.

  5. you are looking like ME in this post! Please don’t be THAT sad 🙂 the last pic, of people walking by in the snow… it’s very interesting!


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