The express in the storm

Un espresso nella tempesta

Fuori è tempesta, meglio stare in casa. Il piccolo vizio quotidiano aiuta a mantenere l’equilibrio.

Outside there is the storm, safer to stay inside. The small daily addiction helps to maintain the inner balance.

Nel frattempo, dopo un poco di stagionatura il mio piccolo libro è quasi pronto. Fra poco vi darò altre notizie.

Meantime, after a short seasoning my small book is almost ready. In a short time I’ll give you some more news.

E voi? Avete qualche abitudine, vizio, rito che vi aiuta nei momenti difficli?

And how about yourself? Do you have any habits, small vice, practice which helps you in difficult moments?

PS: il titolo del libro con testi in italiano ed inglese è “those days – quei giorni“, è facile immaginare di quali giorni si tratti

PS: the title of the book with italian and english texts is “those days – quei giorni and it is easy to imagine which days it is about

Come sempre potete cliccare sulla foto…as always you can click the picture…

9 pensieri su “The express in the storm

  1. Per me il caffè è un rito, un rito che paradossalmente cambia a seconda dei giorni e degli appuntamenti, a casa e in alcuni rari luoghi esterni. Buona giornata sicura e piacevole, Robert.

  2. Robert, we share this addiction – coffee is the only fun thing that is legal, not immoral and doesn’t make you grow weight… So I start the day usually having my first coffee in bed and do my very best not to allow the caffeine level to drop substantially 🙂

  3. seems like those days are about to turn into these days! your book looks great and as a maker of coffee mugs, i must say that i really love yours!

  4. Oh yes, mine is exactly the same, except I like going out for that espresso, every afternoon. Wherever I am, I find the best place and you can bet that I appreciate it. Today the good place is closed and I will settle for second-best. 😉
    It’s good to see you have a book in the works. I keep telling myself to make one. Maybe you’ll inspire me, 🙂

    • So long the virus was not around here we used to go to a cafeteria a few minutes walk from home and a good meeting point with other people living in the surroundings. But in these days it is safer to have it at home and eventually making a telephone call to somebody to keep contacts!
      Yes, making the book is a good exercise. You should try it 🙂

  5. Love the coffee cup. I have many vices, of which Tintin coffee mugs are only one. Actual coffee is another. In the morning that’s about all I can handle.


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