the hitchhiker in the storm

l’autostoppista nella tempesta scroll down please for english text

L’ideale sarebbe una bella camminata all’aperto, magari sulla neve in una giornata di sole circondati dalle montagne. Aria fresca e quasi nessuno attorno. Tranquillità, silenzio e aria pura.

The ideal option would be a nice walk outdoors, maybe on the snow on a sunny day surrounded by mountains. Fresh air and almost no one around. Tranquility, silence and pure air to breath.

Ma noi viviamo in città e non sempre possiamo andare in montagna. E certamente non in questi giorni.

But we live in a town and it is not always possible to drive to the mountains. For sure not in these days.

Ma anche camminare per le strade di città può essere piacevole, rilassante. Si possono scegliere strade con poche persone oppure strade un poco più frequentate. Dovrei scrivere al passato, oggi sono consigliabili solo quelle poco frequentate.

But also walking through the city streets can be pleasant, relaxing. You can choose streets with few people or streets a little more crowded. I should write in the past, today only those less crowded are suggested.

Fra l’altro sembra fosse Diogene per primo a suggerire che camminando si risolvessero molti problemi, “solvitur ambulando” lo chiamava.

Among other things, it seems that Diogenes was the first to suggest that walking solved many problems, “solvitur ambulando” he called it.

L’altro giorno cercavo un poco di musica in internet e ho trovato un video di Ray Manzarek nel quale racconta la nascita di una canzone indimeticabile per noi vecchietti: Riders on the storms. E in questa canzone c’è una frase molto attuale. che purtroppo tanti sembrano voler ignorare: c’è un killer sulla strada.

A few days ago I was looking for some music in the net and stumbled in a video in which Ray Manzarek explain the birth of an unforgettable (for us old people) song: Riders on the Storm. And in this song there is a sentence which adapts to our days and that unfortunately too many people around us seem to ignore: there is a killer on the road.

La canzone immagina un misterioso autostoppista che non c’è sulle nostre vie e strade. Ma là fuori potrebbe esserci un killler diverso ma sempre letale: il suo nome è covid-19. E allora facciamo attenzione, usiamo tutte le precauzioni che oramai dovremmo ben conoscere e che sono anche semplici da capire: mascherina e distanza. E rientrati a casa laviamoci le mani!

The song imagines a mysterious hitchhiker who is not on our streets and roads. But out there might be a different but still lethal killler: his name is covid-19. So let’s be careful, let’s use all the precautions that by now we should know well and that are also simple to understand: mask and distance. And back home, let’s wash our hands!

Desidero concludere con il video di Ray Manzarek, come omaggio a una canzone e a un gruppo mitici, come si diceva ai miei tempi!

I like to finish with the video of Ray Manzarek, as homage to a song and to a group really mythical, as we used to say in my times!

Opps, dimenticevo: la canzone termina con le parole “ mondo dipende da te, la nostra vita non finirà mai” 🙂

Opps, I was forgetting: the song ends with the words “…The world on you depends,
Our life will never end

E a voi è mai capitato di risolvere qualche problema camminando?

And did it ever happened to you to solve any problem by walking?


Come sempre potete cliccare anche sulle foto e un vostro commento sarà molto gradito! As always you can click the photos and a comment will be much appreciated !

10 pensieri su “the hitchhiker in the storm

  1. that’s a great video! and i don’t like jim morrison lol mostly coz i read his biography…
    say, i was on a live stream on youtube with a girl that looks into medicine for various reasons, and she lives in a family of 5, and she said that every. single. person. in her family got covid, except her, because she took lots of vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin d3
    you might want to try that… i take lots of vit C, but haven’t ordered the others yet.
    and, no, i have never had problems solved with walking, but when i was young, long distance running solved a lot of problems for me!

      • it’s not a lottery for the draft, you CAN protect yourself… at least that’s what i think 🙂
        yeah, the doors had some good music… people are strange, when you’re a stranger lalala

        • Thanks for your words, Elaine much appreciated. I can protect my self staying home so much as possible, the very few times I go out to buy food (necessary!) or to go to the farmacy I still see too many people without a mask or wearing it in a non correct way, if the traffic light is red and I wait the green to cross the road and someone else is coming they do not stop at least one meter from me just just shoulder against shoulde and force me to jump away !
          The same if I wait my turn to enter the greengrocer…
          This is why we try to have most of our food delivered at home. And we carefully wash, clean, try to sanitise evrything which enter the house.
          Thing are goin out of control in Italy I’m afraid…it is not the number of cases is the how quick they double which is scaring…

        • i know that Italy had a very bad time of it with the first wave, so I understand your fear, i just wish that I could calm it a bit… you know?

  2. Wow. What a great video and what a talented man. I don’t walk much, but anything that gets me outside and moving will clear my mind. Sometimes ideas just need to percolate.


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