More shadows than lights

Più ombre che luci please scroll down for english text, please

Non è una bella situazione, in Italia abbiamo avuto più di 50.000 morti per covid-19 con una media giornaliera in questi ultimi giorni di 700 vittime.

It is not a good situation, in Italy we have had more than 50.000 deaths because of covid-19 with a daily average in the last days of 700 victims.

Dal mio studio guardo fuori, attraverso le tende a seconda dell’ora del giorno vedo ombre e luci. Ho scattato alcune foto e volutamente ne ho scelta una con poche luci e tanta ombra. Perchè mi domando se questo sia il mondo fuori.

From my studio I look outside, through the curtains depending on the time of day I see shadows and lights. I took a few pictures and deliberately I chosed a photo with few lights and lots of shade. Because I wonder if this is the world outside.

Mentre gli ospedali sono al collasso con medici ed infermieri che lavorano con turni massacranti per salvare vite ci sono persone la cui unica preoccupazione è quella di non poter andare a sciare quest’inverno.

While hospitals are collapsing, with doctors and nurses working on grueling shifts to save lives, there are people whose only concern is not being able to go skiing this winter.

E allora mi domando quali persone siano queste, cosa abbiano in testa, cosa sia la vita per loro…forse sono le stesse persone che l’estate scorsa si sono ammassate nella spiagge e nelle discoteche con i risultati che conteggiamo ora.

And then I wonder what these people are, what they have in mind, what life is for them… maybe they are the same people who last summer crowded into the beaches and discos with the results that we now count.

Questo dovrebbe essere un blog di fotografia, ma un fotografo si pone anche delle domande. Purtroppo le risposte non sono sempre piacevoli.

This should be a blog about photography, but a photographer also asks himself questions. Unfortunately the answers are not always pleasant.

Nei momenti bui emergono anche persone e storie eccezionali, come quella raccontata nel video qui sotto: un malapaziente ammalato di covid che in ospedale ha voluto ringraziare a modo suo i medici che lo stanno curando. E questa è una delle luci che ci danno speranza.

In dark moments exceptional people and stories emerge, like the one told in the video below: a patienr suffering with covid in hospital who wanted to thank in his own way the doctors who are treating him. And this is one of the lights that give us hope.

Queste sono le ombre e le luci che vedo in questi giorni. E voi vedete più luci o più ombre?

These are the shadows and lights that I see these days. And how about you? Do you see more light or more shadows?

12 pensieri su “More shadows than lights

  1. i suppose that i just gave in right away and just stayed home since february, i have rarely gone out, and just to the drug store…
    however i DID lose my temper that i could no longer do my breathing exercises in the carport/driveway

  2. Beautifully written, Robert and the photo conveys the sadness of the situation. We artists would rather just talk about photography but sometimes we have to address the situation that we are in. You have done that very well.
    As you know, Here in the US it’s very bad too, and this weekend many people traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday so we worry about what’s going to happen in two weeks.
    As for me, the shadows have not been as bad as they are for others. I live in a beautiful place, I have not been sick and I can still go outside on the trails every day if I want to. I can get my espresso each day, too. But really nothing is the same. I think there is a kind of vague shadow or curtain hanging over everything. The joy is gone, or it is not the same.
    Now I will watch that video – thank you.

  3. Thank you Robert for your devastating update in Italy, here in the US, the numbers are going skyrocket and still people are not wearing masks properly. One thing has lightened up my mind, that here in the US, we finally have a decent man being elected as our future president. Thank you for sharing that heart warming video. Stay safe and positive my friend.

  4. A quarter million dead in the States, a thousand more each day. The only number Trump cares about is his golf score. I don’t really follow things here in France but I think we’re not doing all that well, either. The vaccine can’t come too soon.


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