With a little help from…

Con un piccolo aiuto dai…

Ancora zona rossa, lockdown !

Again in red zone, full lockdown.

Anche se è una giornata di sole sembra che la nera cappa di incertezza ci sovrasti. Dobbiamo resistere, ma è difficile non domandarsi dove stiamo andando.

Even though it’s a sunny day it seems that the black cloak of uncertainty hangs over us. We must endure, but it is hard not to wonder where we are going.

Se stiamo andando. If we are going

Penso alla libertà che questo virus ci ha tolto. Al desiderio di andare, non importa dove, l’importante è andare. E cercare un poco di libertà. Appena appena un pochino…

I think of the freedom this virus has taken from us. To the desire to go, no matter where, the important thing is to go. And look for a little freedom. Just a little bit…

Sedersi sulla sabbia e guardare il mare…to seat on the sand and look at the sea…

Prendere un libro, sedersi in poltrona e leggere, meglio se con una buona musica in sottofondo. E se è il caso alzare il volume della musica (cuffie?) e lasciarsi aiutare dai buoni amici che abbiamo. Si, con un piccolo aiuto è meglio…lo diceva anche Joe Cocker!

Take a book, sit in an armchair and read, preferably with good music in the background. And if necessary, turn up the volume of the music (headphones?) and let yourself be helped by the good friends you have. Yes, with a little help it’s better…even Joe Cocker said so!

Suggerimento odierno: cliccate sulle foto per ingrandirle, indossate un paio di cuffie e guardate questo video. Dopo scrivete qualche cosa nei commenti, non importa cosa. Grazie, anche leggere i vostri commenti è un piccolo aiuto 🙂

Today’s tip: click on the photos to enlarge them, put on a pair of headphones and watch this video. Write a few things in the comments afterwards, no matter what.Thanks, you know, also read your comments is a little help 🙂



19 pensieri su “With a little help from…

  1. Have you read the cathedral of the sea? I read it a long time ago, I think I liked it, although if I don’t remember it wrong it’s a pretty tough story.

    • Good question ! The real answer is no because I started to read it but did not finish.The story is very well written and I guess describes very well the life in that age. But I found it too tough and I did not manage to finish it. Maybe one day…not sure. By the way in my life only two books I started to read and didn’t finish, both for the same reason. Both book in a previous time…perhaps I’m too sensitive…

  2. Qui nella mia città, Besançon, un lockdown leggere e un coprifuoco tutte le sere dalle 18, non cambia molto alla mia vita. Ogni giorno esco per scoprire nuovi dischi jazz, soprattutto. La mia raccomandazione: MP85 di Michel Portal, 85 anni compiuti l’anno scorso.

    • Anche a noi il coprifuoco non cambia la vita, di solito a quell’ora siamo in casa!
      Grazie per il suggerimento musicale, molto gradito. Aver il desiderio e la capacità di suonare a 85 anni è un grosso successo, è proprio vero la musica aiuta a vivere meglio. Peccato che io non so suonare nessuno strumento!

  3. Ah, yes, Robert you are always inspiring!

    When the pandemic first became realized here in the U.S. 12 months ago, we looked at the first wave of Covid 19 infections and deaths in Italy in horror. Your posts and friendly messages and videos became our inspiration and practical guide in surviving and coping with this awful virus and lockdowns. Thanks to the both of you, we never felt alone, nor did we feel insecure because we knew what we had to do. Friends indeed!

    Thank you, my friend.:)

    • Hi Dave, thanks for your words. You inspired me with Joe Cocker music.
      Shakespeare in the “Twelfth Night” said music is food for love and in these difficult weird time we need much love to survive, to work to make the world a better place. Thanks for your words my dear friend 🙂

  4. Here in Cyprus we have been in and out of lockdown several times, with restrictions on movement (by means of SMS) as well as most shops, restaurants and cafes closed. But we are getting there – all persons over the age of 67 who wish to be vaccinated have done so, and soon we will have the opportunity to start living our lives according to the ‘new normal’ with face masks and social distancing, of course! I must say that I prefer the original version sung at Woodstock by Joe Cocker https://youtu.be/CP26UahQsLQ . Keep well, keep safe!

    • Hi Zenon, thanks for your words. Here only medical staff and people over 90 got the vaccines. Other people will follow, not clear when. Not essencial shops are closed, cafes and restaurant open only for take away. Curfew in the night.
      Surely the Woodstock version from Joe Cocker is very energic as well, of course all the Woodstock performers have been very good. Those were different times…

  5. lockdown?? i just don’t get it, i mean here in canada things are starting to open up again! i’m so sorry!
    yes, that’s a great song by old joe… i saw him in concert once when i was just a little kid, coz he was playing at the carnival, but i didn’t know who he was at the time.
    a little help from our friends, indeed… i wouldn’t keep my photoblog up anymore, if it wasn’t for you guys commenting!

    • Thanks Elaine, lucky girl who saw Joe Cocker live in a concert!
      We are in a lockdown time again but we are allowed for a walk in the neighborhood to keep our physical shape. Unfortunately in these days there is a very cold string wind therefore it is better not to go out! Anyway spring will come in a short time! Last time we wento out for a walk we saw little flowers blooming…
      Keep yon your photoblog, your images are so inspiring …

      • My images are inspiring?? wow, robert, thank you!!!
        i’m so sorry, you must have a different strain of the virus where you are!


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