7 pensieri su “spring without words

  1. Amazing how that image can easily convey my own impressions of the last year. It was such a blur. But… It must be Spring now! Because nothing here is blurry today… except the future of course. Sigh…

    Things this Spring are so much better here than this time last year in many ways. Not so much in others. And not so much in other parts of the world.

    Spring is a time of renewal and new opportunities and I pray that will be true everywhere.

    • Sorry Dave for late answer, I somehow missed your comment here. As definition spring is very unstable…in Italy in middle May we have the typical march weather…than suddendly a “summer” day and than back to March!
      Things are better compared to last year, we have vaccine available and doctors know much more hoe to deal with sick people. Hope only most of people be more cautious…


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