Untitled, jan 16th, 2022

Senza titolo, 16 gennaio 2022.

Lo scrittore danese Hans Christian Andersen (Odense 1805 – Copenaghen 1875) una volta scrisse che anche dopo la notte più nera viene il giorno. E aggiungo io,  con il giorno la luce.

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (Odense 1805 – Copenaghen 1875) wrote once thta even after the darkest night comes the day. And I would add, with the day comes the light.

Ma per il momento di luce ne vediamo poca, nelle ultime  settimane i casi giornalieri di covid variano fra i 150.000 e i 200.000 con un numero di vittime fra le 250 e 300. E’ vero, adesso abbiamo i vaccini, tre dosi per mia moglie e per me, abbiamo le mascherine obbligatorie ma è difficle sentirsi tranquilli.

But for the moment we see little light, in recent weeks the daily cases of covid are between 150,000 and 200,000 with a daily number of victims between 250 and 300. It true, now we have vaccines, three doses for my wife and me, we wear the mandatory masks but it is difficult to feel comfortable.

Più o meno un anno fa avevo scritto questo articolo a proposito della luce. Rileggendolo penso che la situazione è migliorata ma di strada da fare ce ne sarà ancora tanta. Con pazienza e determinazione. E ricordandosi di sorridere, perchè anche questo aiuta 🙂

More or less a year ago I wrote this article about light. Reading it again  I think the situation is now much better but there is still a long way to go. With patience and determination. And without forgetting to smile, because that helps too 🙂

Swiss Alps                                                                                                                  photo rkr©2013

Si, è sempre una questione di luce e ombra…anche in queste montagne che per il momento mi mancano tanto.

Yes, it’s always a matter of light and shadow…even in these mountains that I miss so much for the moment.

8 pensieri su “Untitled, jan 16th, 2022

  1. I just had my best friend where I live, well, my ONLY friend where i live, die of the vaccine heart attack, she got all three shots, THEN got covid, then died after the covid was gone…. yes, i witnessed the conspiracy theory with my own eyes.

  2. I wish things were easier for you. Life here has returned to almost-normal, so it’s possible for it to happen, and I hope it happens there sooner rather than later.

    You’re certainly right that smiles help. That’s one reason most people I know are happy to have finally taken off their masks. Being able to smile and chat does more for the psyche than wearing a mask does for physical health. (This is only my opinion, of course. I have other opinions about mandates, mask wearing, and testing, but I keep them to myself,and simply try to live responsibly.)


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