Valentineeeee !

Valentineeeee !

Di solito non amo queste  feste commercializzazioni consumistiche, ma dopo due anni di momenti più o meno difficli bisogna lasciarsi andare!

Usually I don’t like these consumerist commercial parties, but after two years of more or less difficult times you have to let go!

La primavera è alle porte, la situazione pandemica migliora (un poco, rimaniamo prudenti per favore) e allora cosa meglio di una dose di musica per rallegrarci la giornata?

Spring is just around the corner, the pandemic situation is improving (a little, let’s stay safe please), so what better than a a dose of  music to cheer us up?

Ma io non so suonare …e allora va bene ricorrere a qualche immagine !

But I don’t know how to play … so it’s okay to resort to some images!

Innamorati o meno, con o senza maschera ricordiamoci di sorridere e lasciar fiorire l’amore 🙂

In love or not, with or without a mask let’s remember to smile and let love bloom 🙂



8 pensieri su “Valentineeeee !

  1. Very nice, Robert, thank you for posting! I had almost forgotten this was Valentines Day. Not because of forgetfulness but because I was early to give my bride a little Valentines gift over the weekend. 🙂

    So, in the spirit of your post, a little romantic music indeed… but not what done would think. It is Joe Cocker from many years ago. There is a romantic feeling throughout about youth, live, and recapturing the moments in time.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


    *Please disregard typos as they are apparently inevitable.


  2. So true. Maybe it is all this time of confinement that has changed things. Normally I would have reacted to any sort of gift, even a card, with a comment like “Oh, you fell for the advertising.” But this year I found roses on my doorstep with a sweet note tucked inside and I was delighted. I hope you and your lovely wife have a day that makes you as happy as those roses are making me.


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