winter jorney

viaggio d’inverno

Closed for vacation

Il mese di agosto nel paese dove vivo è particolare. Tutti sono in vacanza, se sei in città i negozi sono chiusi, le strade vuote, le persone sono andate via. A dire il vero è un poco deprimente.

The month of August in the country where I live is peculiar. Everyone is on vacation, if you are in town the streets empty, the stores are closed,  people gone away. Actually it is a little depressing.

E fa anche caldo, anche se negli ultimi giorni temperatura ed umidità sono accettabili, con un piccolo sforzo. And it is also hot, although in recent days temperature and humidity are acceptable with a little effort.

Allora meglio pensare a giorni più divertenti e anche più freddi (era inverno, anni fa!)  come quella volta che insieme a un piccolo gruppo di amici siamo saltati su un treno e siamo andati in città per visitare una mostra.

Then better to think of more fun and even colder days (it was winter, years ago!) like the time when together with a small group of friends we hopped on a train and went into town to visit an exhibition.

E’ stata una bella giornata. E’ per questo che  amo la fotografia: a volte aiuta a evadere dal presente e rivivere  momenti speciali.

It was a beautiful day. That’s why I love photography: sometimes it helps to escape from the present and revive special moments.

E voi, vi è mai capitato di rivivere un momento particolare grazie a una fotografia? Vi piacerebbe condividerlo con noi?

How about you, have you ever experienced reliving a special moment through a photograph? Would you  like to share it with us?

Come sempre suggerisco di cliccare sulle foto per una migliore visualizzazione e ricordo che i commenti sono benvenuti, grazie.

As always I suggest clicking on the photos for better viewing and remind you that comments are welcome, thank you.



12 pensieri su “winter jorney

  1. I may just be a goofy human, but I find that the more time I spend taking photos of a place the more I fail to see its beauty in person. Then I have all these photos and wonder why I didn’t see half of the things in them until I looked at them…

  2. I don’t look at my previous photographs that often, but when I do, it brings me back to my experience of the location, and the different things I saw and photographed. I visit the same places over time, and when I revisit a place I remember what I’d seen and what it was like at different times.

  3. Hi Robert, I think what you experience in August is similar to what happens in many places. People are on vacation, things get quiet, it’s hot, and summer is not exciting anymore. A big change I always notice is that the birds get very quiet. I was looking through my files and noticed that there are lots of photos of the desert from trips I took that I haven’t shown, so I’m working on a post of those.
    I really like your blurred photos from the winter trip into town – nice soft colors, just those hints of subject matter that give you the feeling of being there.

  4. Your comment about August being a ‘closed’ month reminded me of a practice in the town where I grew up. Nearly everyone worked for the Maytag Company, including my father. In July, the company closed for two weeks so that factory maintenance could be done, and everyone took vacation at the same time. I well remember those vacations: Colorado mountains, Minnsota lake fishing, visiting friends in Kentucky. Good times!

    As for your question, it reminded me of a recent moment of pleasure ‘looking backward’ through some photos related to an experience. I’ll post that next, so that you can see the whole thing, and read the story as story!


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