A long break

Una lunga pausa

E’ vero, è da tanto che non scrivo. Non sempre c’è l’ispirazione, a volte piccoli problemi personali (anche se non gravi) e grandi problemi nel mondo (sappiamo tutti quali sono) interferiscono con la mia creatività e una specie di angoscia di fronte alla pagina  bianca mi blocca. Mi frena lo schermo vuoto del computer, la pagina bianca del blocco da disegno, il foglio del qiadernetto dove prendo appunti al volo e perfino il mirino della macchina fotografica mi spaventa.

It’s true, I haven’t written for a long time. Inspiration is not always around, sometimes small personal problems (though not serious) and big problems in the world (we all know what they are) interfere with my creativity, and a kind of anxiety in front of the empy page stops me. I am held back by the blank computer screen, the white page of the sketchpad, the simple sheet of the small notebook where I take notes on the fly, and even the camera viewfinder scares me.

Ma sentendomi in colpa nei confronti degli amici che  seguono  questo blog, alcuni da molto tempo  ho seguito il consiglio di un amico: non importa cosa vuoi fare, quello che importa è  iniziare a fare qualche cosa, qualsiasi cosa. Fare qualcosa e subito!

But feeling guilty towards  the friends following this blog, a few of them since a long time I decided to follow the suggestion from a friend: “it is not  important what you want to do, what is important is that you start to do something, whatever it is”. Do something now!

Circa dieci anni fa ho fatto queste foto, non importa dove. Appunti visivi, forse un giorno ne trarrò una storia. Per ora guardiamole così. Semplicemente.

About ten years ago I took these photos, it doesn’t matter where. Visual notes, maybe one day I’ll make a story out of therm. Let’s look at them this way for now. Simply.

Il primo passo è fatto, qualcuno una volta disse cha anche il viaggio più lungo inizia con un passo.

The first step is taken, someone once said that even the longest journey begins with a first step.

Un  viaggio, una lettura stimolante (o meglio rilassante?), della buona musica, una serata al cinema o a teatro (c’è ancora il covid preferirei di  no), una bella chiaccherata con uno o più amici, un maglione o un paio di scarpe nuove, un pasto speciale….ognuno ha una sua ricetta per superare il blocco creativo. A voi è mai capitato? E come avete reagito, con quale ricetta?

A trip, a stimulating (maybe better if relaxing?) book, some good music, a night at the movies or theater (still covid around  I’d rather not), a nice chat with one or more friends, a sweater or a new pair of shoes, a special meal….everyone has their own recipe for overcoming the creative block. Has this ever happened to you? And how did you respond with what recipe?

Come sempre suggerisco di cliccarer le foto per vederle ingrandite e sapete che i vostri commenti, le vostre critiche e suggerimenti sono benvenuti. A presto!

As always I suggest clicking on the photos to see them enlarged and you know that your comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome. See you soon!

Per farmi perdonare la lunga assenza vi lascio con Judy Collins e Pete Seger…le parole sono adattate dalla Bibbia,  libro dell’Ecclesiaste.

To make up for my long absence I leave you with Judy Collins and Pete Seeger…the words are adapted from the Bible, book of Ecclesiastes.



13 pensieri su “A long break

  1. Too many are fearful of failing, or not being liked! Many think too much. One is creating ‘Art”. Nonsense, we don’t create only the Lord creates! We do not compose images! We frame them. Maybe food photographers, compose. Stop art, make `snaps. use a small digital, never film. Film means the past and all that work. See, smell, note the skies, the places one sets feet. Throw off the shackles of slavery! Of 12+ years of school! An education, to make a person compliant for life as a worker. After grade 3 what point was arithmetic, algebra and my most hate geometry. Stupid ignorant Ancient Greeks could Not divide angles by 3, we all ALL, can. Snap each day, each walk. Rejoice! We are all living in paradise. Even Covid is slowly ending. I have had my 5th shot! The masks prevent colds and flu! I had my flu shot. We cannot stop wars, nor egomaniacs. The powers that be don’t care. They pretend.
    I take photos every day. Every day. Some days better, some fantastic. Seek, smell, SEE! Hugs and kisses Robert!

  2. One of my favorite quotations could apply to photography as well as to writing. E.L. Doctorow once said, “Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” You might go slowly, and you might pull over from time to time, but eventually you’ll reach your destination!

  3. One thing I can say about a creative block is that it’s great that you simply put things on the page. I like what I see, there’s a warmth that I always feel from your work. The paint on the ground, the shoes, and the distant sign makes a very interesting trio. I know it’s hard not to obsess over things like this but the less you think about it, the less you tell yourself you have a creative block, and the less you analyze it, the better. The block reinforces itself with every thought that identifies it. Just play.

  4. “A trip, a stimulating (maybe better if relaxing?) book, some good music, a night at the movies or theater (still covid around I’d rather not), a nice chat with one or more friends, a sweater or a new pair of shoes, a special meal….everyone has their own recipe for overcoming the creative block. Has this ever happened to you? And how did you respond with what recipe?”

    I wish I had a recipe. There is nothing wrong with a pause, but showing up is half the battle won.

  5. Anche se di tanto in tanto scatto ancora qualche foto, mi chiedo se valga la pena renderle pubbliche. Blocco totale. Ma io vivo ancora. Leggere mi dà ancora piacere. Al momento: i dialoghi tra Candiaronk e Lahontan. Si svolge nel XVII secolo ed è un’ispirazione per i giorni nostri.

  6. We are not professionals, blogging to sell something or build a career. We are simply reaching out to friends and to those that might become friends. We don’t see all our friends every day or even every week. We see some friends more often than others, but it’s not obligatory. It’s the same with our blogs.

    I post maybe once a month, these days. I keep an eye out for something in my life that I want to share. If there is nothing at all going on, I don’t post. Worse than being absent a little too long is being boring. In your posts I always find at least one photo that I study because I want to do that in my own work. So, not boring at all. In my opinion, you’re doing fine.


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