Winter, that time when…

Inverno, quella volta che…

Di solito in questa stagione a noi piace andare in montagna. Quest’anno un piccolo problema ha sconsigliato il freddo e l’altitudine, pazienza. E allora guardo le foto di altri inverni. Si, perchè la fotografia è anche un viaggio nel tempo e nello spazio.

Usually in this time of the year we like to go to the mountains. This year a small problem suggested us to avoid the cold and the altitude, better to be patient. Therefore I watch the pictures I took other winters. Yes, because photography can be also a journey into time and space.

E ricordo quella volta che dopo una lunga camminata quasi solitaria ci siamo gustati un’ottima zuppa calda, quella volta che era talmente freddo che solo a guardare il vetro gelato venivani i brividi, quella volta che nel cielo di un blu intenso le montagne erano maestose, quella volta  che nella nevicata notturna alcuni ragazzini si divertivano, quella volta che…

And I remember the time that after a long, almost lonely hike we enjoyed a great hot soup, the time that it was so cold that just looking at the frozen glass gave me the shivers, the time that in the deep blue sky the mountains were majestic, the time that in the night snowfall some kids were having fun, the time that…

Queste foto sono state scattate nel 2013 nella zona dell’Oberland Bernese, nella Alpi svizzere. E a voi capita di farvi trasportare dalle fotografie in un posto dove per vari motivi non riuscite ad andare?

And have you ever been transported by photographs to a place where for various reasons you cannot go? These photos were taken in 2013 in the Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps.

Suggerisco di cliccare sulle foto per vederle ingrandite e ricordo che i vostri commenti sono benvenuti!

I suggest you to click the pictures to see them enlarged and I remind you comments are welcome!

PS: un piccolo inconveniente alla mano mi spinge ad usare poco il mouse, il trackpad e la tastiera. Hmmm….ancora pazienza!

PS: a minor hand inconvenience causes me to use the mouse, trackpad and keyboard little. Hmmm….more patience!



14 pensieri su “Winter, that time when…

  1. Very beautiful winter images!!! This year I have not been able to visit the mountains in winter, I hope to be able to do it now in spring.

  2. Dear Robert
    impressive winter photos. We experience the same when we look at pictures of beautiful white winters when we lived in Sweden and later in Northern Finnland. We miss the winter here at our coast, but looking at the photos helps and a treat. We usually go this time of the year to Norway or Greenland. This year we’ll go in the beginning of March and hope for lots and lots of snow.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. The scenery is really beautiful and yes, that soup looks like it was the perfect thing to have! I value the photos I have from trips. Yes, there are too many and I need to delete some but they give me (and my partner) lots of pleasure. Most precious are a few from many, many years ago taken by my parents.

  4. Wow! These are great photos! Thanks for sharing them, it is a great thing to go back and view older photographs and remember… as you know, we always make a trip three times. First when thinking and planning, then when you actually physically go on the trip, and then when you remember and enjoy the images made along the way.

    I think you are very wise in approaching this time of year the way you have. We should all do the same. Old photos need us, they are ready to make our lives happier! LOL…

  5. Indeed Robert, viewing photos from past times is almost like living that time again. I absolutely love your opening black & white. And the deep blue sky and majestic mountains literally took my breath away. Also enjoyed the frozen window pane. Thanks for this lovely excusion.

  6. These are beautiful! My favorite is of the seven (I think) figures walking down the snowy hill, seen through the snowflakes.

    They make me remember the refreshing nature of snowy days, when one has the right clothes 🙂 But I’m also glad to be near a cozy fire right now.

    • Thanks Joanna, yes the boys and girls running in the snow in the night were a good subject, of course I took the photo from the window of my room! It was a lucky shot! Snow can be nice and enjoyable, of course a warm place where to relax is enjoyable too!

  7. What a nice collection of images — such variety. My favorite might be the sepia-toned photo, but the chalet (?) brought back memories of my time in Germany’s Black Forest, and the wonderful experience of staying in the traditional home of a co-worker’s parents.


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