Spring? maybe, but only for a few days

Primavera? Forse, ma solo per qualche giorno

La primavera dovrebbe essere iniziata. Oggi è soleggiato e caldo forse ci siamo. Ma le previsioni dicono pioggia e temperatura bassa per la settimana prossima. Va bene lo stesso, abbiamo tanto bisogno di acqua, con la speranza che non faccia disastri come l’alluvione in centro Italia della settimana scorsa. E i maglioni pesanti io  li ho ancora pronti.

Intanto gioisco meravigliandomi dei miei piccoli vasi di lavanda!

Spring should have started. Today is sunny and warm maybe we are there. But the forecast says rain and low temperature for next week. That’s okay though, we need water so much, with the hope that it won’t make disasters like the flooding in central Italy last week. And the heavy sweaters I still have ready.

Meanwhile I rejoice in marveling at my little pots of lavender!

E voi cosa ne pensate dei cambi di stagione?

How about you, what do you think about the changing seasons?


11 pensieri su “Spring? maybe, but only for a few days

  1. We’ve had the craziest, longest, most drawn out spring ever. The ski area stayed open until May 6 (a first!) and the next day, after they officially closed for good, they got another dump of snow.

    I finally shifted my winter clothes for my summer clothes and now I’m layering up summer clothes because it’s so cold. I’m sad to admit that I have the heat running at the moment. Honestly, I don’t mind. I’d prefer this moisture and cool weather any day over the heat of summer, which I dread.

    I lost a magnificent rosemary plant this year. It was in a pot and had survived probably 10 winters. But it was probably pot bound and this was a darn tough year for plants. Now I begin with a new one. I hope it will thrive as the last one did.

  2. I love both spring and autumn, because they are the seasons filled with the most variety and change. Also: hurricanes prefer summer, and I’m not so fond of those!
    We’re accustomed to sharp changes in April and May, since we’re where cold fronts from the north and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico battle it out — it certainly can provide some dramatic weather!

  3. Non sono sorpreso perché un’amica che ha appena trascorso una settimana nell’Isola dei Pescatori (a casa di un’amica) ci ha riportato il tempo che hai descritto. e anche qui abbiamo lo stesso tempo, un tempo normale per la stagione, che avevamo dimenticato in questi ultimi anni colpiti da un caldo anomalo.

  4. Here near La Rochelle it feels more like April than May. We’ll have sun, then thunderstorms, then sun again. It’s odd, but everything in the garden loves it — even me, when I am out there. I’d be happy to have a whole summer like this.

    • I agree with your feelings. I’m afraid summer could be very hot and dry. What we need now are days of gentle rain…not too much rain in a short time. We had thunderstorms last night which is not usual in this time of the year.

  5. The same thing happened here — we had full spring, for less than a week. Then cold weather returned, and now rain, which in arid California is most welcome. I’m glad that I set out my little vegetable starts before the rain. And we aren’t going to get any more freezing weather, at least. I guess this is what springtime is like, ambivalent — until full summer!

  6. The same feeling as you ~ we had two brilliant warm and sunny days, but clouds and a bit of rain is on the way. The good news is no more 40s – low 50s days are forecasted, so I can say spring has now arrived 🙂 Nothing like enjoying the sunshine of spring…


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